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    5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Using Delta-8 THC

    Any delta-8 THC beginner wants to make sure that their first experience with the cannabinoid goes as smoothly as possible and gives them the effects of delta-8 that they’ve been hearing about for years.  When trying any new psychoactive cannabinoid initially, there are some common rookie mistakes that can get in between you and a dazzling, blissful high.  By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a delta-8 pro.

    Rookie Mistake #1: Buying Cheaply Made Delta-8 Products

    Perhaps the biggest mistake a beginner can make is failing to be discerning about the product they’re purchasing.  Sadly, there’s a lot of cheaply made delta-8 out there that can fail to give you any notable effects, and worse, it’s always possible to encounter delta-8 that’s made with ingredients that are unhealthy for the body. 

    As a rule of thumb, you should only buy delta-8 from a reputable online source, and one that has lots of positive reviews and also makes their third-party lab reports easy to access through their website, like at Gas.  Poorly made delta-8 THC may contain poorly extracted, unstable compounds, synthetic ingredients or heavily diluted delta-8 distillate, all of which are bad news.

    Rookie Mistake #2: Taking Too Small of a Delta-8 THC Dose

    We get that first-timers may be afraid of getting too high off of delta-8 THC, wanting to avoid any possibility of paranoia, dry mouth and grogginess that comes from consuming an excessive amount of THC in general.  But, of course, taking too little delta-8 will almost definitely result in not feeling any of the desired effects at all.  This is why we encourage you to follow the directions on the label of your package, which will tell you generally how much to take in order to feel the enjoyable high that delta-8 is capable of. 

    Rookie Mistake #3: Taking Too Much Delta-8 THC

    Alternatively, taking too much delta-8 THC can, like we said, get you ‘more high’ than you intended, so you do want to be reasonable when dosing as a beginner.  Again, follow the directions on the label here, and only increase the amount you take gradually, as your tolerance to its effects naturally builds.  While taking too much delta-8 isn’t really considered dangerous, it can be unpleasant if you’re not used to THC, since it can make you feel uneasy, drowsy and lightheaded.

    Rookie Mistake #4: Ignoring the Strain of a Delta-8 Product  

    Most delta-8 products come in a lot of different strains – this is especially true of delta-8 flower and delta-8 vapes.  The strain can dramatically affect what the high feels like, so it’s a mistake to overlook the strain of your particular product.  If you have a choice of strains before you, do yourself a favor and read up on each one.  Besides the fact that learning about strains is fascinating, it will help you make the best choice so that you can end up with precisely the high you’re looking for.

    • If you’re looking for an uplifting, motivating strain to enjoy during the day, a sativa or a sativa-dominant hybrid is probably your best bet.
    • If you want a strain to unwind with in the evening or before bed, then you’re probably going to want to choose an indica, or an indica-dominant hybrid.
    • A 50/50 hybrid is great if you want a nice middle-ground between the more motivating effects of a sativa and the more mellowing effects of an indica.

    Rookie Mistake #5: Being Impatient as the Delta-8 THC Absorbs

    It’s definitely not uncommon for beginners to think that a delta-8 product should work basically immediately after taking it.  But, some products do require patience.  Delta-8 edibles, for instance, can take up to 2 hours or even more before they really kick in.  Even vapes and flower can take about 30 minutes before the high begins, according to some users.  So, be patient, and instead of just taking more delta-8, wait it out until you consider going in for another serving.

    Don’t Be a Delta-8 THC Amateur!

    Delta-8 THC can be incredibly satisfying, offering a spectacular, bioavailable buzz that makes your mind feel mellow and your body feel at complete ease.  After all, it’s become one of the most sought-after hemp derivatives on the market for a reason.  By avoiding these common first-timer mistakes above, you’ll be all the more likely to savor a top-notch delta-8 high as a complete beginner.