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    5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Using THC-O

    THC-O-acetate (THC-O) is a cannabinoid that has earned its reputation for being incredibly potent – about 3x as intoxicating as delta-9 THC, to be precise.  Given its powerful nature, beginners need to be particularly thoughtful about how they take it to ensure that they enjoy a strong, euphoric high that’s as satisfying and goes as smoothly as possible.  If you want to avoid the most common mistakes that THC-O newbies make, we are here to help.

    Rookie Mistake #1: Buying Low-Quality THC-O Products

    The first and most important mistake you want to avoid is buying low-quality, cheaply made THC-O-acetate.  And, sadly, there’s a lot of cheap THC-O on today’s market, as everyone’s trying to get in on the hemp market nowadays.  You should always look for a few key things when making a THC-O purchase.  One is a retailer that has lots of positive reviews on their website, like Gas does  Also, make sure that they’re transparent about how they make their products, from seed to sale.  Lastly, look for third-party lab reports on their website, displaying how they had their THC-O tested by an unbiased facility.

    Cheaply made THC-O products can contain harsh ingredients, unstable THC-O-acetate extractions, or even zero THC-O at all, making the product a straight-up fake.  So, be very careful who you buy from, or else you’re almost guaranteed a whole lot of disappointment.

    Rookie Mistake #2: Not Taking Enough THC-O

    Because THC-O-acetate is so intoxicating, it’s understandable that some people are cautious about how much they take, especially in the beginning.  But, at the same time, it’s only natural that taking too low of a dose can result in disappointment, in the form of just not really getting much of those effects at all.  Each person’s tolerance to THC in general is unique, but overall, the dosing guidelines on a product’s label do a good job telling you the right amount of a THC-O product to take to ensure the desired results.  If you’re not feeling anything from your THC-O, it could very well be that the dosage is just below what’s needed to actually feel high.

    Rookie Mistake #3: Taking Too Much THC-O

    Alternatively, you do want to avoid taking too much THC-O-acetate, especially as a beginner.  If you’ve never taken THC compounds before in general, this is even more important, because the high is, like we said, it’s more potent than delta-9, which is already moderately to potently intoxicating.

    Again, we recommend just following the directions on the label to know you’re taking the right amount.  These directions almost always take into account the tolerance of a THC-O beginner.  As your tolerance naturally builds over time, you can gradually increase the amount that you take as desired.

    Rookie Mistake #4: Not Choosing the Best Strain for You  

    If you come across a THC-O product that lets you choose the strain, then consider each strain carefully.  The strain of a flower product or a THC-O vape can dramatically alter what the high feels like, in ways that are often overlooked.  For instances:

    • Sativa strains can be uplifting and even make you feel more motivated and alert, which is why they’re best enjoyed during the daytime.
    • Indica strains can make you feel drowsy and mellowed out, making them better for night.
    • Hybrid strains give you something in the middle.

    Look thoroughly through the strains offered by a brand and read up on them to have an idea of how they might affect you.  While there’s no “bad” strains out there, some are definitely going to be more aligned to your goals than others.

    Rookie Mistake #5: Failing to Time Your THC-O Correctly   

    Because THC-O-acetate is so powerful, you want to be very conscious of when you take it, especially as a beginner.  Overall, you don’t want to take it when you have something important to do in the next few hours, which requires your attention.  THC-O can cause impairment, so you definitely don’t want to drive with it in your system either.  Save it for a time when you have a clear schedule, and, can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Be a THC-O Expert by Avoiding Amateur Mistakes

    Overall, THC-O-acetate is an exciting addition to the hemp market, and one that continues to be phenomenally popular.  Clearly, it has the ability to satisfy the hemp community at large.  But, it can only give you a satisfying high if you use it correctly.  By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to pure THC-O bliss just like a hemp pro.