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    5 Ways Someone Can Learn More About Cannabinoids

    Keeping up with the hemp market is getting harder and harder nowadays with so many new cannabinoids hitting the scene, one after another.  It’s no coincidence that the industry is suddenly producing an array of new ways to experience these compounds.  This is the direct result of a point of intersection between growing research into each component of hemp, and the profitability of the market as it stands.

    Knowledge is Hemp Power!

    Of course, not all of us can keep up so easily with a market that’s evolving and expanding every day.  If you need a crash course in the world of cannabinoids, or simply want to learn more about them as a hobby, there are some ways to increase your education to make the best choices for your hemp-related needs and have a better understanding of what each one is capable of.

    #1: Visit a Local Dispensary

    If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where there are cannabis dispensaries, it may be worth it to spend more time inside one, talking to employees who sell these products daily.  Generally, dispensary employees are trained to study the hemp plant so that they can make the best recommendations to customers.  So, just getting to know them and asking them about different products is a great way to expand your cannabinoid horizons.

    #2: Explore Cannabis Research

    Cannabis research is at an all-time high thanks to increased funding that’s going into the field.  You can find endless studies on cannabinoids through a simple google search, reading through clinical trials to get a strong understanding of what cannabinoids can do, while separating fact from fiction through going straight to the source.  These studies are incredibly valuable to our understanding of how we can use hemp to improve our lives each and every day.

    #3: Follow Company’s Blogs, Social Media, and Mailing Lists

    Many companies that carry cannabinoid products are eager to educate customers about what each cannabinoid is capable of – after all, customers aren’t going to be interested in their products if they don’t know what they can offer them.  Gas, like many hemp brands, regularly updates our blog page, social media pages and mailing list emails, always sharing new and exciting cannabinoid information with customers who are excited to learn more.

    #4: Look for Podcasts

    Cannabis is not a niche industry, and so you won’t have a hard time finding podcasts out there run by individuals who are always sharing the latest news on cannabinoids and more.  These podcasts are a great way to listen to experts in the field talk about new research, cutting-edge processing methods and new ways to take cannabinoids to yield extremely desirable results.  Not all of us love skimming through a lot of literature to learn more about a topic, and podcasts are a great alternative for those of us who enjoy listening rather than reading.

    #5: Gain Personal Experience

    Of course, one of the best ways to learn more about cannabinoids is through personal experience.  Something that we love about these compounds is that we can take them as we so desire to discover their effects for ourselves.  While there’s plenty of information we know about cannabinoids and their capabilities, the bottom line is that each individual is unique, and these compounds can affect you in a completely one-of-a-kind way.  Educating yourself based on clinical trials and experts is extremely helpful, but ultimately, you won’t have a good understanding of cannabinoids until you actually try them yourself and see how they affect you.

    The More You Know About Cannabinoids, the Better You Can Use Them to Your Best Advantage

    It’s absolutely worth it as a hemp enthusiast to study cannabinoids more intently, and besides that, it’s an extremely interesting topic to explore from a scientific and health perspective.  Educating yourself on cannabinoids can empower you to make the best, most personalized choices when it comes to maintaining a hemp routine.  The research that’s out there speaks for itself, and the more you know about what each cannabinoid can offer you, the more likely you are to reach your goals through these fascinating compounds.  Still, the best education comes through personal experience, so we encourage you to be open-minded and give different cannabinoids a try for yourself.