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    Being an HHC Detective: How to Spot a Fake HHC Product

    Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is something of a newcomer on the hemp market.  But, it hasn’t taken long at all for it to become an absolute must-have as far as hemp enthusiasts are concerned.  HHC is a federally legal hemp-derived cannabinoid that’s known for its high being very similar to that of delta-9 THC.  As its popularity increases, an influx of companies are offering HHC-infused products than ever before.  At the same time, we are starting to see the emergence of fakes on the market, and naturally, you will need to avoid these completely.

    Why Might it Be Possible to Run into Fake HHC Products?

    While our industry remains incredibly popular, and has been for over a decade, it’s still largely unregulated.  This means that there is little oversight by a governing body to make sure that all HHC-based products that enter the market are held to strict standards of quality and legality.  The result?  Some sketchy companies out there that are trying to profit off of the more naïve customers out there, who don’t know much about what goes into producing a legitimate and high-quality HHC formula.  Of course, there will always be shameless opportunists out there who want to make money off of those who don’t know any better due to a lack of knowledge on the hemp plant.

    The Types of Fakes You May Encounter

    There are a few different ways in which an HHC product can be fake, and so knowing what these are is important, since it will also give you an idea of what to look for when shopping for HHC products.

    • Counterfeit Products: Counterfeit products are products that seek to replicate the packaging and labeling of a product made by a legitimate brand, while what’s inside is completely fake. So, while they look like a product you already know on the outside, what’s inside can be anyone’s guess.
    • Products Lacking in HHC: Some fakes will simply contain no HHC despite saying so on the label. These are rarer but do exist.  Ultimately, a company that does this can get into serious trouble, since there are strict federal laws about labeling.
    • Products Made with Cheap or Harmful Ingredients: Some fakes aren’t technically fakes; in that they do contain hexahydrocannabinol. What makes them a problem is that the other ingredients in the product are enormously cheap and low in quality, or downright dangerous to consume.

    How to Avoid Fakes When Shopping for HHC Products

    We know how disappointing it is to consider that fake HHC is floating around on the market.  And naturally, you’ll want to avoid falling victim to a sketchy company’s attempt to profit off of you.  The fortunate thing is that there are easy ways to know whether or not you’re buying an authentic HHC product.  This checklist tells you exactly what to look for when shopping for hexahydrocannabinol.

    #1: Know the Reputation of Your Source

    Always attempt to check out the reputation of who you’re buying from.  First, research the business that’s carrying HHC.  If they’re known to sell fake products, then avoid them completely.  You’ll also want to research the brand itself, of course.  Best way to do this is by looking at reviews both on their website and elsewhere throughout the internet.  Of course, a company known for selling fake HHC is gonna get called out pretty consistently, so this should be a dead giveaway.

    #2: Stick to Online Shopping

    Overall, it’s better to buy your HHC products online rather than in-person.  Online retailers are more competitive with one another due to far more exposure than in local marketplaces, where demand can be quite low, especially for rarer cannabinoids like HHC.  What this does is create an environment in which companies with bad reputations won’t be able to last very long, since there are so many great companies out there who win over customers with their exceptional HHC products.

    #3: Read the Label Carefully

    Always thoroughly look at the label of an HHC-infused product before making a purchase.  Look for spelling and grammar mistakes, which can say something about the company’s low standards.  Also, look for pieces of information that may be suspiciously absent, like information about dosing, the strain or the milligram strength.  If a company hides information from you about their product, this can mean that there’s something that they really don’t want you to know.

    #4: View Those Lab Reports

    All online companies should make third-party lab reports easy to access.  These lab reports are often found on a company’s website or through a scannable QR code on the label.  It shows that the company has their products lab-tested by a state-registered facility, where it’s analyzed for purity, potency, authenticity and federal compliance.  Make sure that the lab reports look professional and don’t have information blacked out, which can indicate that they’ve been doctored.  Additional information on how to read THC-O lab reports can be found here.

    #5: Look for Brand Contact Information

    Make sure that the company you buy from has contact information.  A company that doesn’t have a customer service team may not want to be held accountable for selling fake or low-quality HHC products.

    #6: Read the Ingredients

    Yes, always read ingredients thoroughly before making any HHC purchase.  Avoid brands that use tons of fillers that dilute the hexahydrocannabinol itself.  And, avoid companies that put ingredients in their products that are known to cause some level of harm to the body. 

    Spotting a Fake According to Product Type

    Each product type/delivery method can be “faked” in unique ways, so considering the things to look for in each product type is very important.  This will help you look for even more clues of dishonesty when shopping for your favorite type of HHC formula.

    Product Type #1: Flower

    Sometimes companies will try to sell marijuana buds, passing them off as hemp flower.  It’s rare, but it does happen.  This is where lab reports are meaningful.  They should show that the delta-9 THC content is 0.3%, and marijuana will contain way more than 0.3%.

    Product Type #2: Vapes

    Good-quality, legitimate vape oils that come in both cartridge and disposable form should contain only cannabinoid and terpene extracts – in other words, no added ingredients whatsoever.  Again, the lab reports can identify a lot in this regard.  If the hexahydrocannabinol exists in a very low concentration in your vape oil – such as, lower than 75% -- then that’s a good sign that the company snuck something into the formula to dilute it.

    Product Type #3: Edibles

    Edibles naturally contain the most ingredients out of any formulation, and the problem is, this is where companies can sneak in all kinds of unwanted chemical additives.  So, read those ingredients carefully.  Another thing to pay attention to is where the hexahydrocannabinol is on the ingredients list.  If way down at the bottom, that said edible product may not contain a lot of it at all.

    Product Type #4: Tinctures

    A tincture should be either clear or light golden/amber in color, and also have the consistency of olive oil.  If it’s an odd color, or either way too thick or way too thin, then that’s never a good sign.  Another thing to pay attention to is the milligram strength – if that info isn’t provided on the label, then stay away.

    The Bottom Line: Avoid Fake HHC Products at All Costs (Literally)

    Hexahydrocannabinol is an awesome choice for anyone seeking out a psychoactive hemp experience on par with delta-9 THC.  Still, that’s great and all, but there are definitely some shady companies in the market place who are releasing fake products.  Good news is, avoiding them is pretty simple.  Overall, you’ll have the most success when finding one solid online retailer that you can trust based on their reputation and consistency, and then sticking to them for all of your HHC-related needs.

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