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    Can I Mix Certain Hemp Strains Together on My Own?

    As we all know, the hemp plant comes in a huge selection of strains, aka cultivars, each promising its own distinctive properties, flavor and aroma to give us a completely one-of-a-kind experience.  When a person first starts out experimenting with different strains, they tend to be very surprised by just how much one strain can feel very different from the next. 

    One question that we get asked often is whether or not the user can actually mix strains together on their own, to bring together two different cultivars for a more personalized kind of hemp experience. 

    The Short Answer Would Be: Yes

    Ultimately, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t mix two strains of the same plant together.  There really is no true risk of ill effects, nor of ruining the end product.  However, keep in mind that you still need to see how your body will react to more than one strain type.  For instances, if you start feeling tired, or your body doesn’t respond the way it’s supposed to, best to stop immediately and allow your body to readjust to the single strain that was being used initially.

    Now, if you’ve never thought about mixing strains together before, you might be wondering why someone would even want to initially.  Well, here are just some reasons.

    Reason #1: You Enjoy the Qualities of Each Strain

    Maybe you have two strains that you absolutely love, and you want to try enjoying them at the same time to see what the end result will be.  An example would be an indica that gives you a powerful body high, and a hybrid that helps slow down racing thoughts.  Mixing them together would ideally give you the best of both worlds.

    Reason #2: You Need a Balance Between the Two

    Another reason could be that you want to balance two strains out by finding the middle-ground between the two.  For instance, if you’ve a sativa that’s too energizing, and an indica that’s too mellowing, mixing them together could give you a more balanced type of high that’s neither too one way nor the other. 

    Reason #3: You Want a New Flavor Profile

    A less common but perfectly valid reason is that you want to combine two flavor profiles together.  The terpene configuration of a strain determines what the strain tastes like, and maybe you want to mix two strains together to get an entirely new taste experience.  For instance, maybe you want to blend a citrusy strain like Lemon Haze with a tropical-tasting strain like Pineapple Express to enjoy a bright and fruity flavor each time you enjoy your hemp.

    How to Mix Strains Together

    There are two particular types of products that you can mix together in terms of the strain, as both of these product types come in a great strain variety.  Another thing to remember though is, while mixing different strains together, you can also mix different cannabinoids together.  For instance, you’re free to mix a CBD flower product with a delta 8 flower product to change the ratio of cannabinoids if that’s what you’re looking for. 

    However, just like we mentioned earlier, you need to monitor how your body reacts to taking one a second cannabinoid type.  And, take the necessary steps if your body isn’t cooperating with multiple cannabinoids, or still really isn’t feeling the effects.

    Method #1: Vaping

    You can mix vape strains together, but this is gonna be somewhat limited.  For instance, you cannot open up a disposable pen or a pre-filled cartridge to combine the two vape oils together, as neither type of product is meant to be opened.  What you can do is take a couple puffs of one strain and a couple puffs of another, by having two different hemp vapes at the same time.

    Method #2: Flower

    Another option is mixing different strains of flower together.  This is the easiest way to enjoy a unique strain combination.  Just take the desired amount of bud from each strain and put it in your grinder.  Once it’s ground together, you’ll have an evenly blended combination of the two strains you mixed together, to enjoy as you usually do with flower, whether that be through vaping it, smoking it or making edibles.

    Mixing and Matching Strains for a Whole New Hemp Experience Awaits!

    If you want to get more creative with your hemp experience, then there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match different hemp strains together to see where it takes you.  Plus, at Gas, we make it easy with a large selection of hemp flower that can be blended together as you so desire.  While our strains are delicious and bioavailable on their own, you’re free to combine them to get the results you’re looking for.