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    Can I Move Dry Herb Flower Buds from One Vaporizer to Another?

    Dry herb vaporizers have changed the way we enjoy our flower, offering a more controlled, customizable, and convenient way to savor cannabinoids and terpenes in their purest forms.  On rare occasions, however, you may have a reason for moving your herb from one vaporizer to another.  The question is whether or not this is actually advisable.  Let’s find out.

    Reasons for Transferring Your Herb Between Vaporizers

    Before we talk about whether or not it’s actually okay to move your flower from one vaporizer to another, let’s talk about why someone may want to do this in the first place.

    1. Your Current Vaporizer isn’t Working: Even the highest-end vaporizer can malfunction from time to time, or the battery can run out on you right when you’re in the middle of a session. In that case, it would make sense to just grab a new device and continue vaping.
    2. You Prefer the Other Vaporizer: Maybe you realized that your other vaporizer is better suited for your flower because it has the settings you like, gives you better flavor, etc.
    3. Your Current Vaporizer is Dirty: If you haven’t cleaned the atomizer of your vaporizer in a while, it can give off an unenjoyable flavor, so naturally you’d want to transfer your flower to a clean vaporizer.
    4. You Need to Switch to a More Portable/More Powerful Vaporizer: Maybe you switch between a larger desktop vaporizer and a more portable handheld vaporizer throughout the day depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

    Is it Okay to Transfer Flower Between Vaporizers?

    Ultimately, you can always move your herb between vaporizers as desired.  It’s not going to cause any kind of danger or harm your devices in any sort of way.  However, sometimes doing so is going to lead to disappointment.  Consider these things below before you make the switch.

    The Amount You Already Vaped

    First off, consider how much of your flower you actually vaped before you think of switching it over to a new device.  Each time we vaporizer flower, we’re extracting the compounds we want out of the raw plant material.  After we’ve taken a few good puffs, there’s really not much left of what we loaded into the atomizer to enjoy.  If you’ve already vaped a meaningful amount of your flower, it may be worth it to load your other vaporizer with new herb.

    The Temp Your Current Vaporizer is Set To

    The temperature you’re vaping at in your current vaporizer can dictate whether or not you should move it to a new one.  If you’ve been vaping at a high temperature, then you may have already extracted all of the cannabinoids and terpenes out of your herb that you’re going to get.  Besides that, if you were vaping at too high of a temperature and your herb is now tasting burnt, moving it to a new vaporizer isn’t going to solve the issue, because the problem isn’t the vaporizer itself, but it’s your flower.  Once flower is burnt, it’s not going to improve by just changing the device you’re vaping it out of.

    What You’re Trying to Achieve

    Like we said earlier, there are different reasons for wanting to switch between different vaporizer devices.  There are plenty of good reasons to want to move your herb to a new vaporizer, such as to switch to a more portable device on your way out of the house, or because your current vaporizer isn’t working. 

    Bottom Line: You Can Transfer Flower Between Different Devices

    Overall, there really is nothing wrong with taking your herb out of one vaporizer and moving it into another one.  Just know that in certain cases, it’s better to just grab new flower entirely.  Once you’ve begun vaping flower in one vaporizer, there are only so many puffs it can provide you before you need to reload.  And, if you’ve burnt your flower by mistake, moving it to a new device won’t solve the problem.  Still, if you’re in a pinch, such as a time when your battery dies on you, you can go ahead and switch it without any real cause for concern.