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    Can I Take Cannabinoids After Getting My COVID Shot?

    If you’re planning on getting your next COVID shot in the near future, you may be wondering what that means for your cannabinoid routine.  We all want to be extra mindful of the possibility that something we’re consuming may either interact negatively with the vaccine, or even reduce its efficacy.  Cannabinoids are used by countless Americans daily, so it’s easy to understand why so many are concerned about whether or not it’s safe to take their daily serving of delta 8 THC, HHC, or what have you right after getting vaccinated or boosted.

    Is it Safe to Get the Shot with a Cannabinoid in Your System?

    First, let’s quickly touch upon the possibility of a negative interaction should a cannabinoid be in your body while you’re taking the shot.  If you’ve taken a cannabinoid within the last 24 hours, can that impact the shot’s effectiveness or safety?  The good news is that there is zero evidence that it’s a bad idea.  While there isn’t any information saying that it is safe, we have yet to hear of a single report involving a person having a negative experience after getting the shot due to having a cannabinoid in their body.

    What About Taking Cannabinoids After the Shot?

    We’ve established that there likely isn’t any risk of getting the shot while a cannabinoid is in the body.  But, what about taking a cannabinoid within, say, 24 hours after getting jabbed?  Again, there’s no guidance about this, as the topic hasn’t been explored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  One thing you will find is the CDC advising against taking NSAIDs immediately following the shot, as these drugs do suppress the body’s immune system, as does the actual vaccine.  What this means is taking the two together could cause a temporarily compromised immune system, making the body more likely to develop an infection, while also possibly preventing the vaccine from becoming fully effective in the body.

    Cannabinoids are commonly used for inflammation as well, so does that mean there’s a risk of an interaction?  This is something that we don’t actually have any data on.  Cannabinoids generally are viewed as a gentler alternative to NSAIDs, so it’s possible they won’t interfere with the efficacy of the vaccine or cause immune suppression effects, but because data is lacking, we can’t say for certain as that would be irresponsible.

    Your Doctor Knows Best

    The bottom line is that this is a conversation to have with your doctor rather than anyone else.  Your doctor understands your personal history, and is the only person who is authorized to provide personalized medical advice.  Ask them about the potential for an interaction between cannabinoids and the COVID shot, and keep in mind that they may not have an answer either, and may need to do a little bit of research to come up with information that would be useful to you.  Make sure they understand the cannabinoid you’re taking and how many milligrams you take, along with the product type, whether that be a vape, an edible, etc. 

    The Bottom Line

    We really don’t know what kind of interaction may occur when a person uses cannabinoids following a COVID vaccine shot.  Because the CDC advises against taking certain anti-inflammatory drugs following the jab, we know there are certain substances that can harm the efficacy of the shot as well as the immune system’s ability to fight certain infections.  Hopefully, this is a topic that will be explored more in the future.

    Again, what we can say is that we have yet to hear of any instances of harm caused by taking cannabinoids following a shot.  In other words, if this was a huge risk, we would probably have heard of it by now.  But, if you can’t get an answer from your doctor, maybe consider abstaining from cannabinoids just for one day, to be on the very safe side.  While it’s unlikely you’d be in serious danger, it’s important to do everything you can to not disrupt the vaccine’s process in the body, nor do anything that could throw your immune system out of whack.