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    Could Professional Boxers and MMA Fighters Benefit From Using Delta-8 THC?

    Even though delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC) has only been on the market for a few years, it’s being explored for all kinds of ailments and daily needs.  We’re still learning a lot about the cannabinoid – despite the fact that it was discovered in 1964, research has been lacking – but we do know enough about it through clinical studies to have a good understanding of a lot of its valuable capabilities related to things like physical discomfort, mood, focus, and motivation.

    You might even be surprised to learn that an influx of boxers and MMA fighters alike are laying it all on the line with delta-8 THC.  But when you think about it, this correlation makes perfect sense.  Boxers and MMA fighters are prone to certain issues that delta 8 may be able to uniquely address, while being legal, all-natural, and not a banned substance in many leagues. 

    What Does Being a Boxer or MMA Fighter Entail?

    Boxing and MMA are rather brutal sport.  This means athletes must be fit both physically and psychologically to get the wins in the ring or octagon.

    In fact, physical demands are basically obvious.  Boxing and MMA require tons of practice, sparring, cardio, and stamina-building exercises, and weightlifting.  These are daily activities that every pro must partake in, which can be quite exhausting physically.  These fighters also sustain a lot of injuries throughout their pro careers, with the injury risks always apparent, from mild to severe.

    Apart from the physical aspect, boxing and MMA are also mentally demanding.  Being direct contact sports, each requires a kind of level-headedness and emotion suppression that isn’t easy for everyone.  Combine those elements with the famous “victory mentality” that all athletes are raised with, you get a sport that’s draining and stressful on every level.

    What Does Delta-8 THC Have to Offer to Boxers and MMA Fighters?

    Delta-8 THC may seem like an odd choice considering the fact that it’s psychoactive – about 30% less intoxicating than delta-9 THC, but still capable of delivering a mellow, cognitive high.  But, like all cannabinoids, delta-8 is versatile, since it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to regulate all kinds of critical functions of the human system.  Delta-8 stands out because it works mainly with CB1 receptors, which are cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system.

    Besides that, delta-8 being less intoxicating than delta-9 can be a huge plus if you’re an athlete.  Its high isn’t so powerful that it makes a person feel knocked out and mentally wiped.  Many people say that they feel just as focused and motivated while high on delta-8 as they do ordinarily, so it’s easier to work into a routine, including a busy training routine followed by a boxer or MMA fighter.

    Delta-8 THC’s Impact on Discomfort and Recovery

    One thing that we do know for certain is that delta-8 THC can offer both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties through its interaction with cannabinoid receptors that regulate pain tolerance and inflammation within the body.  Delta-8 could potentially reduce discomfort caused by soreness and previous injury, which can in turn improve both performance and training, allowing the person to train longer and harder without discomfort getting in the way.  Inflammation can be a chronic issue that interferes with not only deep tissue comfort, but mobility, which MMA fighters and boxers heavily depend on.  Besides that, training heavily can cause the muscles to get tired and sore, and delta-8 may minimize the recovery period by reducing the resulting inflammation following a serious training session.

    Besides that, delta8’s analgesic properties can improve pain tolerance, making us less sensitive to pain by reducing the pain response through the nervous system.  This, again, can play valuable roles in performance, recovery and training.

    Delta-8 THC and Cognition

    Athletes will gladly tell you that their sport is as mental as it is physical.  If your head isn’t in the game, due to stress, fatigue or poor concentration, then you’re just as at risk of losing or getting injured than if your muscles felt sore or weak.  Being completely focused, alert, motivated and clear-minded is critical in order to succeed in either sport.

    Delta-8 THC’s influence on the nervous system’s CB1 receptors can have a big influence on cognitive functions like concentration, motivation, memory and alertness.  It can even work on receptors that control our feelings of self-confidence, as well as our stamina.  In fact, many people who use delta-8 find that it actually gives them a cognitive boost, especially when they choose a sativa strain.

    Delta-8 THC and Stress

    Being a boxer or MMA fighter can come with a lot of stress – the stress of training, competing and having to be in excellent shape all the time.  And, as we know, stress is linked closely to performance.  The more stressed out we are, the harder it is to push ourselves, stay motivated or feel positive that we’re going to succeed.  Not only that, but stress can and often does interfere with sleep, which can negatively affect our physical energy and overall health.

    Meanwhile, delta-8 THC is commonly lauded for its anxiolytic effects which can regulate our nervous system’s stress response, making us more resilient to stress.  If you have certain stress or anxiety triggers surrounding your athletic life, delta-8 might be worth a try.  In fact, a lot of people use delta 8 at nighttime to wind down and feel more capable of resting.

    Delta-8 THC and Appetite

    Delta-8 THC can also aid boxers and MMA fighters in establishing a healthy meal schedule.   They must eat regularly and have specific diets.  Why?  Well, in order for this cannabinoid to make such a lifestyle easier to manage.  Besides, it could help reduce nausea and ensure they actually feel hungry, while keeping the food down.

    Looks Like Delta-8 THC Gives Boxers and MMA Fighters Something New to Fight For

    As you can see, delta 8 THC isn’t just a compound to try when you want to get value.  There’s serious value inherent to its nature as a naturally occurring cannabinoid, and many of its properties can be useful to athletes like boxers and MMA fighters, who need a lot of motivation, focus, confidence, and more traits to succeed.  Between delta8’s effects on things like physical discomfort as well as its influence on our state of mind, it can certainly be quite valuable.  Meanwhile, it’s legal, all-natural, and fine to take long-term.  So, if you’re a boxer or MMA fighter, whether you’re a pro or coming up through the ranks, consider working in some delta-8, like vapes, edibles, flower, etc. into your routine today.


    Please Note: Before taking delta-8 THC, speak with your doctor first.  Your physician has access to your medical records and can therefore, make a proper determination if delta-8 is right for you.