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    Everything You Need to Know About the Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 Vaporizer

    Are you a huge fan of Gas Vape Cartridges?  Awesome, then you know that you need to have a trusty vape pen device that’s going to power those cartridges to deliver flavorful and rich vapor time and time again.  While not all vape pen batteries are created equally, one that continues to outperform the competition is the Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 Vaporizer, which promises variable voltage and impressive reliability.

    Who is Cartisan?

    Cartisan is a manufacturer and distributor of amazing hemp-based vape hardware.  Their products are long lasting, reliable, and can meet the needs of vapers everywhere.  All of their products are designed with personal knowledge, along with being fully tested with the highest possible quality control measures, in order to ensure they function properly.  Not to mention, the price points are usually pretty good, too.

    What Amazing Features and Functionalities Does the Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 Vaporizer Have?

    The Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 is a reliably sturdy variable voltage pen-style system made specially for vaping hemp carts.  It has a 510-threaded connection which offers universal compatibility with any vape cart out there, ensuring a secure connection to last and last.

    Variable Voltage Settings

    We all have our unique preferences when vaping, when it comes to things like flavor, potency and cloud production.  With this vape pen’s variable voltage option, you can easily choose between 3 voltage presets to explore all kinds of unique qualities with your vape cartridge.  Just press the button the required number of times to adjust the voltage and experience your cannabinoids and terpenes in a whole new way.

    Durable Construction and Reliable Technology

    The Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 was specially designed to be extremely reliable, with advanced technology hidden within its chassis to perform for ages without ever faltering.  It’s also made from durable construction materials so that it can handle occasional drop and fall without any problems.

    Easy to Charge

    This vape pen battery comes with a USB charger and is extremely easy to charge.  Capable of charging in under 2 hours, all that you need to do is plug it into the included charger and wait for the LED light to tell you that it’s ready by turning green.

    Powerful 900mAh Battery

    The Cartisan eGo VV Button is equipped with an impressive 900mAh battery, which is far more powerful than most you’ll find in a 510-threaded vape pen.  This battery means that you’ll get lots and lots of delicious vapor, and a long amount of time between charging sessions to enjoy your vape pen with as little hassle as possible.

    How to Use the Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 Vaporizer

    Using the Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 Vaporizer couldn’t be any easier.  All you gotta do is follow these easy steps below, which are simple enough for any hemp vaper, no matter their level of experience.

    1. Remove the device from its package and plug it into the included charger. When the light turns green, you’ll know that your device has reached a full charge and is ready to use.
    2. Now, carefully screw your 510-threaded Gas Canna vape cartridge onto the battery, making sure it’s on securely.
    3. Power on the device by pressing the single button 5 times, as the light should turn on.
    4. Adjust the voltage based on your preferences - 3 clicks of the button will adjust the voltage, with the color indicating which voltage you’ve reached: GREEN=3.4V / BLUE=3.7V / RED=4V.
    5. Hold down the button and take a puff of vapor and then you are all set!

    For any questions, refer first to the included user manual for more details.

    Gas Cartridges Simply Go Vaping Great with the Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 Vaporizer

    Overall, the Cartisan eGo VV Button 900 vaporizer is a gamechanger thanks to its performance, longevity and reliability, offering nothing but the most glorious clouds of your favorite hemp strains for up to days on end before needing a recharge.  With advanced variable voltage technology, it allows you to customize your vaping experience according to your needs.  Grab it today, and enjoy our Gas Vape Carts like never before!