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    Gamers and eSports Enthusiasts Might Wanna Look to HHC for a Level Up

    Gamers and eSports enthusiasts are often overlooked when it comes to the sporting world at large, in terms of what they typically endure to maintain their career or hobby when it comes to things like pain, burnout, fatigue, anxiety, and more.  The reality is that this activity can come with some pretty major drawbacks if the player isn’t putting a lot of effort into caring for both their physical and mental needs.

    Maybe you won’t be surprised to learn that an influx of gamers and eSports enthusiasts alike are turning to cannabinoids like hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) to support the needs of their bodies and mind, both to improve performance and stamina, and to maintain greater overall wellbeing - supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which works to regulate these critical functions, as you will soon find out here.

    What is Gaming?

    Gaming is an activity in which a person engages in interactive games.  The term has almost exclusively become associated with video games.  Gamers are players who spend hours each day or night playing video games, as a sport.  There are competitive gamers and professional gamers who may compete for money and prizes, and game interactively in a way that enables others to watch.

    What are eSports?

    Esports refer to competitive video games, in which a player engages in multiplayer games in an effort to win money or prizes.  A lot of gamers are involved in eSports, although there are also many who play single-player games, which are not esports.  Those who play eSports can do so professionally, meaning that esports is the sole source of their income.

    What is HHC and How Does It Possibly Benefit Gamers of All Levels?

    Hexahydrocannabinol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, being a hydrogenated form of THC.  What this means is, HHC and delta-9 THC share a lot in common, with many users reporting that HHC’s effects practically mirror those of delta 9, in terms of its high as well as its other effects related to things like mood, physical discomfort, inflammation, appetite and more.

    Since hexahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid, it has the unique ability to support homeostasis.  How?  By attaching itself to cannabinoid receptors in various systems of the body as part of the function of the ECS.  This regulatory effect is widespread, and thus explains why cannabis overall is capable of accomplishing all kinds of functions throughout the body and mind.

    HHC could be very useful to gamers and eSports players, since it has properties that pertain to issues these types of players are known to encounter at unusually high rates, including problems with mood disorders, sleep disorders and pain disorders that come from sitting for long periods of time, as well as repetitive motions of the hands, wrists and forearms.

    Attention and Mental Stamina

    Many HHC users notice that the cannabinoid gives them a cognitive boost of some kind, improving focus, awareness, motivation and mental stamina.  It goes without saying that these functions are critical to any gamer or eSports player, as many spend hours focusing on their game.  Because these sports have a reputation for taking place late at night, cognitive function is all the more important, since many of us find that our minds naturally wind down as the hours progress.  Hexahydrocannabinol might be able to lock players into the game so that they can have a more successful outcome, and even unlock some cheat codes along the way.

    For instance, if you’re playing a game for a 6-hour stretch, you might find yourself losing your ability to focus as the hours drag on, and your mind starts getting distracted.  HHC may be able to help you feel more locked into the game.

    Muscle and Joint Support

    It’s about time we take gaming and eSports more seriously, in terms of the demanding lifestyles that they are.  Players are perhaps surprisingly prone to injuries and chronic pain, mainly in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome due to the overuse of their hands, wrists and fingers.  We know that typing and using game controllers for hours involves a lot of repetitive movement, which can damage the joints and muscles in the arms, hands, wrists and fingers over time.

    At the same time, a lot of people who use HHC products regularly report that it seriously helps them manage these types of issues, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that cannabinoids in general seem to offer both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can be extremely helpful for problems related to the body’s muscles and joints.

    Think of an esports player who needs to use their keyboard for hours in order to get through a game.  If their hands start cramping up at some point, now they’re at serious risk of losing because their response time has slowed down considerably.  HHC may even be able to help the muscles and joints feel less fatigued and sore as time goes on.

    Mood and Sleep 

    The reality is that gamers and eSports enthusiasts are particularly prone to mood disorders like anxiety and depression.  A lot of it has to do with the isolated nature of the sport, as they’re spending hours upon hours alone in a room without any real human contact.  Not only that, but many struggle with sleep because gaming typically takes place at nighttime.

    HHC users often report that the cannabinoid gives them valuable effects related to mood, by simply offering uplifting effects and simultaneously reducing the frequency of negative or anxiety-driven thoughts.  At the same time, many people use HHC as part of their bedtime ritual, because it works with receptors that dictate our sleep patterns to allow for less disrupted sleep at night.

    Any gamer who plays long-duration games is aware that their sleep schedule can take a hit.  Staying up until 2AM each night, which is common in this industry, can wreak havoc on the circadian rhythm.  Even worse, downing a few cans of energy drinks isn’t safe to do either, since it can give a gamer the jitters, or even accelerate their heart rate.  But, HHC could, at the very least, ensure that a person falls asleep easily, even after an adrenaline-boosting gaming session.

    Thanks to HHC, it’s Game On Gamers and eSports Players!

    No doubt, there is more to cannabinoids like hexahydrocannabinol than enjoying a nice psychoactive high.  These naturally occurring compounds work with the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis, which can have long-lasting benefits.  So, if you’re a gamer or eSports enthusiast who is seeking out holistic self-care, Gas HHC products might be well-worth working into your daily routine.


    Please Note: Before taking HHC, speak with your doctor first.  Your physician has access to your medical records and can therefore, make a proper determination if HHC is right for you.