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    Gas Canna Strain Spotlight: Maui Wowie: A Hawaiian-Type Experience Awaits!

    Are you searching for a new kind of tropical-like experience?  If so, Maui Wowie is a strain that doesn’t disappoint.  Between its mouthwatering tropical flavor and absolutely bliss-inducing euphoria, it’s a versatile strain that can bring you pure delight without locking you to the couch.  Gas Maui Wowie HHC Flower will have you in the middle of paradise as you do the Hula dance?

    Let’s Get Right to the Basics Here

    Maui Wowie, also referred to as Maui Waui, is a sativa-dominant hybrid with about an 80/20 sativa-to-indica ratio.  This strain has been around for quite a while, first emerging in the 1960s, and instantly becoming a sought-after, top-shelf cultivar.  Maui Wowie has quite a mysterious origin story, with no one really knowing much about its lineage other than it has Hawaiian as one of its parents.  Its THC level can vary between 20%-28%, so it can be moderately to extremely potent.

    Bud Characteristics

    Maui Wowie is known for its lumpy, fluffy popcorn-looking buds that’re asymmetrical.  They’ve a green hue that varies between mint and olive, and lots of thick orange hairs that Are clustered densely.  Maui Wowie usually come with a nice coating of milky white crystals thanks to the high trichome count, and people say this gives the flower a sugar-coated appearance.

    Flavor & Aroma

    Maui Wowie’s name mainly comes from its flavor, as it offers an unmistakable Hawaiian taste thanks to its notes of lush tropical fruits.  Many people describe the flavor and aroma as irresistible, as both offer plenty of juicy pineapple that can be smelled from a mile away, and even make the mouth simply water.  The pineapple is complemented by notes of freshly squeezed citrus, along with a hint of lavender and some hashy base notes that complete the profile.

    How Those Effects Feel

    Overall, Maui Wowie is considered a popular daytime strain because of its upbeat, euphoric effects that aren’t likely to put you to sleep.  It’s great for maintaining focus, and being either creative or social, since it can give you a fresh perspective and make you feel less self-conscious.  Not a lazy strain either, so it’s probably not the kind you wanna reach for when  preparing for bedtime.

    Setting Proper Expectations

    Maui Wowie is a good wake-and-bake cultivar, as well as a favorite for afternoons spent at home enjoying some creative projects or video games.  It can help put a damper on unwanted, negative or racing thoughts, making you fully engaged in the present with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm.  The euphoria effect tends to come on quickly, and build and build for quite a while before peaking.  Your mind will reach a state of intense joy and giddiness shortly after putting the flower down.  You may get a case of the giggles, as is common, and some fresh creative ideas that make you want to grab a notepad and paper.

    At the same time, Maui Wowie is not the type of strain known to be highly disruptive to your daily routine.  That’s because you may be able to maintain a pretty good sense of alertness, awareness and concentration as you go about your day with the cultivar in your system.  It’s not associated with paranoia or anxiety, which is always a plus for more sensitive users.  You’ll likely feel rejuvenated and exhilarated rather than inhibited in any way.

    Maui Wowie is also associated with feelings of ease throughout the body, which is surprising considering its high sativa concentration.  Overall, you’ll likely feel a nice, tension-easing sensation throughout the muscles without heaviness or couchlock.

    The Islands of Hawaii are Calling with Gas Maui Wowie HHC Flower

    Gas Maui Wowie HHC Flower comes in a 3.5 gram jar fresh and full of delicious tropical flavor.  It’s infused with lab-tested HHC distillate to give you a psychoactive effect very similar to that of delta 9 THC, while being fully compliant with federal law.  This hemp flower is grown organically by domestic farmers, and also contains absolutely zero additives.

    Maui Wowie: Book Your Vaping Vacation to Paradise Today!

    Maui Wowie has everything you need to feel transported to a magical place, thanks to its delectable notes of tropical fruits paired with its ability to turn the sourest of moods around.  If you’re ready to try a good daytime strain that can help you feel more focused, creative and sociable, not to mention giddy with pure delight, this one will not disappoint in the slightest.