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    Getting Your Delta-8 Vape On: Which Gas Delta-8 Vape Strains are Right for Me?

    What’s not to love about delta-8 vapes?  We get to treat ourselves to a somewhat mild but deeply enjoyable high that can make us feel nice and mellow, creating a feeling of intense bliss throughout the mind & body.  But, it’s important not to overlook the different strains that these vapes come in, because the strain can determine a whole lot about what the high feels like, not just the cannabinoid itself.  You see, the strain refers to the terpene profile in the vape oil, which matches the terpene profile of a particular cultivar of cannabis.  Gas is pleased to offer our delta-8 vape carts and delta-8 disposables in all kinds of awesome strain options.

    Why the Strain Matters More Than You Might Think

    The strain of hemp determines both the cerebral and physical effects that we’ll feel, as terpenes contain their own properties that affect our high.  Besides that, terpenes carry the flavor of the plant, and so each strain has its own distinctive and delicious flavor profile. 

    Strains fall into one of three categories:

    • Sativa: Are good “daytime” strains since they’re usually uplifting, motivating and more cerebral, making them less likely to make a person feel lethargic.
    • Indica: Great for nighttime since they can cause a heavy sensation in the muscles while slowing down our mental activity,
    • Hybrid: Made possible from crossing indica and sativa together, and so their effects are usually a bit more balanced.

    Note: You can have a particular strain that is considered to be either sativa-hybrid dominant or indica-hybrid dominant.

    Skywalker OG

    This largely sought-after 85% indica/15% sativa hybrid, not to be confused with “Skywalker,” promises a potent couchlock effect and a mental buzz that feels hazy and euphoric.  Its strong diesel-like taste has subtler notes of fresh herbs and spices.

    Forbidden Fruit

    Forbidden Fruit is a premium hybrid of 70% indica/30% sativa.  Its powerful flavor profile promises notes of fresh lemon, juicy berries and aromatic pine.  It’s renowned for its potent couchlock effect and its euphoric mental high that can make you feel completely at ease.

    Durban Poison

    Durban Poison is a sativa strain that’s been an all-time favorite for years.  Its potent high can have an uplifting effect on mood that helps you forget about your worries, all while avoiding the haziness that makes you feel out of it, which is why it’s great for daytime activities.  It has a sweet and earthy flavor.

    Tangerine Sunrise

    Another beloved, blissful sativa is Tangerine Sunrise, with its bright and cheery citrusy flavor profile.  Known for its moderate potency that makes it great for beginners.  It promises an upbeat, uplifted effect on your mood and energy levels, with a motivating sensation that helps you get things done.

    Sour Cherry

    Sour Cherry is a 50/50 balanced hybrid with a flavor profile of sour diesel and juicy cherries.  It’s very potent, and, can make you feel both uplifted and at complete peace, with a body high that can make you want to grab your favorite blanket and cozy up.

    God’s Gift

    A 90% indica, 10% sativa hybrid, God’s Gift is a remarkably powerful strain that can leave you feeling utterly dazed and euphoric, while you feel completely glued to the couch.  Perfect for bedtime, it offers a berry-like flavor profile that’s tough to resist.

    Blueberry Gas

    Blueberry Gas is a rare 75% indica/25% sativa strain with an earthy, gassy taste perfumed with notes of juicy and sweet blueberries.  Starts off with a huge blast of pure euphoria that makes you feel giddy as your worries melt away into the abyss.  Can lead to a feeling of couchlock with warm and tingly effects throughout the muscles, making it a good choice for evening and even bedtime hours.

    Apple Pie

    Apple Pie is a 70% sativa/30% indica hybrid with a flavor that really lives up to the name thanks to its juicy apples, warm spices and notes of nuttiness.  It offers a very uplifting cerebral buzz that makes you feel like you’re being launched into the clouds, as the muscles tingle with incredible ese and weightlessness.  Because it can increase feelings of motivation, it’s the perfect strain to enjoy for an afternoon spent focusing on creative endeavors.

    Find the Right Delta-8 Strain for Maximum Hemp Satisfaction

    At Gas, we want each of our customers to enjoy the delta-8 THC high that they’re looking for, whether that be an uplifting, motivating high, or one that puts them at total ease.  So, consider all of these strains, no matter if you’re vaping delta 8 in the morning, afternoon, or evening hours, to figure out which one will completely match your goals when vaping delta-8 THC.