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    Getting Your HHC Vape On: Which Gas HHC Vape Strains are Right for Me?

    When it comes to vaping HHC, it’s all about getting that blissful, uplifting high that comes from this cannabinoid’s unique psychoactive properties.  But, there is another aspect that’s worth paying attention to, which is the strain.  The strain of a vape cart or disposable comes from the terpenes that are added to the vape oil formula, which match those found naturally in a particular cultivar of cannabis.

    Gas HHC vape carts and HHC disposables come in a large selection of strains that you can choose from to really customize your high based on what it is you want to achieve.

    Why the Strain Matters More Than You Might Think

    Each cultivar, or strain, of cannabis has its own terpene profile, and this matters a lot because each terpene in the plant is associated with specific effects.  So, each strain can have extremely distinctive qualities that determine what your high feels like.  Besides that, every strain has its own flavor profile, because terpenes in cannabis are responsible for how the plant tastes. 

    Strains fall into one of the three categories below:

    • Indica: Most commonly enjoyed in the evening, because they can cause a feeling of laziness, and produce a body high that makes you want to stay put for a few hours
    • Sativa: Good daytime cultivars because they can be more uplifting and motivating, with stronger cerebral effects and less of a lazy feeling throughout the body
    • Hybrid: These are a bit more balanced because they result from crossing together an indica and a sativa.

    Note: You can have a particular strain that is considered to be either sativa-hybrid dominant or indica-hybrid dominant.

    Blue Zkittlez

    Blue Zkittlez is a 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid.  Its sweet n’ sour fruity flavor always hits the spot, while its gradual high can make you feel incredibly euphoric, with a warm and tingly sensation throughout the muscles.

    Lemon Haze

    Lemon Haze is a 70% sativa/30% indica hybrid with a bright, juicy lemon flavor that makes you feel refreshed and uplifted right off the bat.  This is a great daytime strain that can uplift and motivate you, offering a feeling of ease and enhanced focus without any lethargy that lingers behind.

    Mango Tango

    Mango Tango is a powerful 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid known for its potent effects, as well as its absolutely sensational mango flavor.  It’s a good nighttime strain because it’s body high can make you feel glued to the couch, while its hazy cerebral effects can make it hard to focus as you sink into a state of dreamy bliss.

    Maui Wowie

    Maui Wowie is an 80% sativa/20% indica hybrid bred in beautiful Hawaii, with a tantalizing flavor profile of bright citrus, tropical fruits and calming lavender.  It’s a wonderful daytime strain since it can make you feel incredibly euphoric while enhancing your alertness and creativity, all while easing the muscles with a warm and fuzzy sensation.

    Strawberry Shortcake

    A 75% sativa/25% indica hybrid, Strawberry Shortcake has an absolutely dazzling flavor profile of luscious strawberries and warm vanilla.  Its effects can be powerfully euphoric, while making you feel sociable and downright giddy.  At the same time, it never makes you feel sleepy or too hazy to concentrate on what’s going on around you.


    Mojito is an 80% sativa/20% indica hybrid with a flavor profile that impressively matches the iconic cocktail, offering a nice mellowing cerebral buzz that’s great for a lazy afternoon when you don’t want to pass out, but do want to sit back and watch your favorite TV shows or enjoy some video games.

    Blueberry Cookies

    With a 70% indica/30% sativa profile, Blueberry Cookies has a nutty, fruity taste that makes each puff irresistible, while its warm and tingly body high makes your muscles feel absolutely at ease.  Its cerebral high can make you feel creative, introspective and at total peace with the world.

    Granddaddy Purple

    This iconic 70% indica/30% sativa strain has a big, bold and juicy grape flavor that’s notorious for its pungency, and its potent effects make it a great nighttime or bedtime strain, as it can cause impressive couchlock while slowing down your racing thoughts.

    Birthday Cake

    An evenly balanced (50/50 hybrid) that has a sweet n’ succulent flavor profile of nutty vanilla and fresh fruits, hence its attention-grabbing name.  Promotes a powerful euphoric effect that makes you feel giggly, without a care in the world, before a feeling of couchlock sets in that makes your muscles feel pleasantly heavy.

    Green Crack

    Green Crack is a notorious 65% sativa/35% indica hybrid known for its fast-acting, heavy-hitting uplifting effects that can make you feel absolutely motivated and uplifted, to the point of being inspired to finish those projects you’ve been putting off.  Its mango-like flavor profile is just the icing on the cake.

    Choose the Perfect HHC Strain to Experience Satisfaction Like Never Before!

    The HHC vape strain you choose can dramatically influence the type of high that you feel, not to mention the flavor of your clouds.  So, consider each strain at Gas carefully, no matter if you’re vaping HHC in the morning, afternoon, or evening hours, to figure out which ones are the most likely to meet your hemp-related needs.