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    Hemp Storage: How to Keep Your Edibles Lasting Longer

    A lot of us can’t get enough of Gas Edibles, which promote hours of cannabinoid-induced effects in the body, not to mention something absolutely delicious to indulge in.  But, even the highest-quality edibles need to be properly stored, or else they’ll expire sooner than you’re able to actually finish them.  The good news is that storing your hemp edibles requires next to no effort, and even ensures nothing but the freshest flavor and most potent cannabinoids possible.

    Do Edibles Expire?

    Edibles do, in fact, expire.  We can’t give a specific time during which they stay fresh, because all edibles are different.  The hemp extract in the edibles can last for up to 2 years, but it’s the other ingredients in the edibles that can move up that expiration date based on how perishable they are.  Since there are all kinds of edibles on the market, and they all contain different ingredients, the actual shelf life can vary from product to product.  They can last anywhere from a couple of months all the way up to 2 years depending on how they’re made.  But, if you’re not storing your edibles properly, then they can expire even sooner than that.

    What to Do to Keep Your Edibles Fresh

    Nobody wants expired edibles on their hands, but fortunately, the rules for storing them are actually very simple.  Just bear in mind that the formulas of edibles can vary a lot, and so if your edibles package comes with specific storage instructions, then follow those closely.

    Tip #1: Keep Them Away from Heat

    Overall, edibles do not appreciate being exposed to heat.  This can cause the chemical compounds of the hemp plant to degrade very quickly, causing them to lose their potency at a rapid pace.  Besides that, a lot of types of edibles, such as gummies, can start to melt, or at least change their texture if they’re kept in a warm environment.

    Some people store their edibles in the refrigerator, and this is perfectly fine to do.  Some edibles need to be kept in the fridge, like a lot of baked goods such as brownies, etc.  Gummies don’t require refrigeration, but it won’t hurt the product, either.

    Tip #2: Avoid Humidity

    Humidity is another factor that can cause the chemical compounds in your edibles to degrade, weakening the cannabinoids to the point that they no longer have the ability to be effective.  This is why we always urge our customers to not store their hemp products in a bathroom, where the moisture of the shower can expose them to a very humid environment.

    Tip #3: Find a Dark Place in Your Home

    Light can also cause the cannabinoids in your edibles to quickly degrade, and this is why your edibles should be kept somewhere dark.  Avoid places like sunny windows and areas where a lamp is always directly shining.  Basically, a place like a closet, drawer or cabinet is ideal for your edibles.  That’s because this type of area consistently stays cool, dark and dry.

    Tip #4: Don’t Stock Up Too Much

    Tempting as it may be to load up on tons of gummies and other tasty hemp-based products when your favorite store is holding a sale, this can actually mean buying way more than you realistically can get through in just a few months.  Knowing how long it takes you to go through a package of edibles, and only buying as much as you need is crucial.

    Tip #5: Keep Them Inside

    You shouldn’t keep your edibles outside, whether that be on your deck, in your car or in a shed.  The outdoors is constantly changing in temperature, humidity and light, and this can destabilize the cannabinoids in your product quickly, while also changing the consistency and flavor of the edibles themselves.  Even keeping a packet of gummies on your deck on a hot day for several hours can change the product for the worse.

    Tip #6: Always Buy Fresh

    You always want to make sure that your gummies are being sold to you fresh, since gummies that have been sitting for months in a warehouse are already on their way to expiring.  Find a company that has a good reputation, and buy from them, since they are more likely to have a high product turnover rate that means that the product you buy was made recently enough to be as fresh as can be.

    You Spent Money on Those Gas Edibles, So Store Them Properly!  

    Edibles, whether they contain delta-8, THC-O, THC-P, HHC, or any other cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant, are only going to satisfy you if they’re fresh.  And, the only way to keep them fresh is to be extra mindful of how you’re storing them when they’re not in use.  Following a couple simple storage rules will make sure that you really get your money’s worth by allowing each serving to offer only the best flavor and potency possible.