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    How Can Identical THC-O Milligram Strengths Actually Differ Per Product Type/Delivery Method?

    Did you know more of us out there are discovering that THC-O-acetate (THC-O) is a phenomenal cannabinoid that acts as the perfect addition to our hemp rotation.  The fact that it’s 3x as intoxicating as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9 THC) is its key selling point, promising a dreamy high complete with lots of euphoria and plenty of ease throughout the body.  That being said, THC-O products are easier to find than ever, in all kinds of delivery methods and formulations.

    But, to actually enjoy THC-O-acetate’s fully capable effects, we need to grasp that we’re taking the right amount of THC-O in general.  Otherwise, our experience will mostly be a disappointment.  That’s why many products come in milligram strength options, in order to ensure that you understand you’re consuming enough milligrams to have the desirable effect.

    But, what makes things increasingly complicated is how THC-O-acetate, like all hemp-based products, comes in different delivery methods.  And, some ‘methods’ absorb better than others.  This mean that the same milligram strength that was ideal for, say, gummies, may not be the best choice when vaping the same cannabinoid.  Allow us to elaborate.

    What the Milligram Strength Means and Why It Even Matters

    The milligram strength of a THC-O product refers to the number of milligrams that you’re taking per serving. 

    • With edibles, this is easy. Each piece contains the same number of milligrams, such as 10mg or 25mg per piece. 
    • With vapes, for instance, it’s a little more complicated since the milligram strength refers to the total number of milligrams in the vape oil, and how many you take in depends on how big your puffs are.

    Overall, THC-O products usually have some sort of dosing instructions on their labeling.  This tells you how many milligrams of a product to take to ensure that you experience the THC-O-acetate effects you’re looking for.  Because THC-O is such a potent cannabinoid, it is usually suggested that newbies go with a low dose and build their way up as their tolerance allows.

    Navigating the World of Milligram Strengths Based on Product Type

    When we select a milligram strength to consume, we consider a few factors.  One is our tolerance, as beginners have a low tolerance to psychoactive effects associated with THC-O.  Another is our body weight.  And, we have to consider how high we personally are comfortable getting, of course.  Thankfully, we usually have instructions on a product’s label that give us a general idea of how much to take for a solid THC-O experience.

    But another factor that we have to consider is the “delivery method”.  The delivery method refers to how the THC-O-acetate gets “delivered” into the system through absorption.  When we smoke flower or vape, we’re absorbing it through the lungs.  When we use a tincture, we’re absorbing it through the sublingual tissue.  When we eat a THC-O gummy, we’re absorbing the cannabinoid through ingestion.  The delivery method makes us fully aware of how this cannabinoid is going to absorb, with some delivery methods having higher absorption rates than others.  Vaping the cannabinoid offers effects in just minutes, which feel very potent.  That’s because inhalation offers a high level of absorption, compared to, say, gummies, which absorb at the lowest rate, hence the waiting around for the effects to kick in.

    Methods that have a lower absorption rate are usually taken in higher strengths to make up for this.  This is why vaping 50 milligrams of THC-O is going to give you much stronger effects than eating a 50mg THC-O gummy.

    Milligram Strength According to Delivery Method

    Now, let’s dive into the ideal milligram strength according to each delivery method.  This is, again, just a general guideline, since ultimately you may have reasons for taking more or less than the recommended amount of a particular THC-O product type.

    #1: Vapes (Disposables and Cartridges)

    Vaping products, whether they be cartridges or disposable vapes, absorb in the same manner, so the milligram strength to consume is the same regardless of which type of product you’re using.  Vapes tend to come in 1-gram cartridges that contain 1000mg of pure hemp exact.  This comes out to about 10mg per puff, since there’s about 100 puffs in a gram.

    Usually, people find that 2-3 puffs is the perfect amount of THC-O, due to its high potency.  Of course, how deeply you inhale and how long you inhale also affect how potent each puff will be.

    #2: Flower

    Flower is usually smoked or vaped, and so it’s also absorbed through inhalation just like vapes.  But, flower doesn’t come in milligram strengths, since it’s just raw hemp infused with pure THC-O.  So, just take the same amount of puffs you would a vape, since the overall effects will be about the same.

    #3: Edibles

    Edibles absorb at the slowest rate, like we said earlier.  Plus, with edibles, there is a higher amount of the cannabinoid that goes straight to metabolization rather than activating in the body.  So, we compensate for this with higher milligram strengths.  You may find THC-O edibles that range in anywhere from 25-50mg per piece.  The number of milligrams may sound quite high, but actually, you’re making sure that as much of the cannabinoid absorbs as possible by taking a relatively high number of milligrams of the cannabinoid.

    #4: Tinctures

    With tinctures, you can tell how many milligrams are in a serving by dividing the number of milligrams total in the bottle by the number of milliliters.  For example, a 30ml 1000mg THC-O tincture will offer 33mg per serving.  This is about standard, because tinctures offer an absorption rate that’s basically half between inhalable products and edibles.

    The Key Takeaway

    To know that you’re getting the best THC-O experience possible, taking the right number of milligrams is essential.  Since each product absorbs into the body differently, you may need to adjust the milligram amount that you take based on the product type you’re consuming.  The good news is that THC-O products usually come with clear dosing instructions to take out all of that guesswork, instantly making your THC-O experience more user-friendly.

    At Gas, we carry a variety of THC-O product types/delivery methods in unique milligram strengths that can meet your daily needs.