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    How Come Certain Strains Aren’t Usually Found in Certain Hemp Products?

    Did you know Gas is known for premium vapes that come in lots of awesome strains to choose from?  Well, now you do.  But, some other products that we carry don’t come in any strain options, and naturally, some people wonder why that’s the case.  As it turns out, some types of hemp-based products are far more likely to offer strain-specific formulations then others.

    Before we get into the why, let’s give a quick rundown of which products you’ll likely find in various strain options, and which ones you won’t.

    Hemp Product Types That Usually Come in Different Strains

    • Flower: Naturally comes in different strains based on the cultivar of the plant itself, so it’s not surprising that you’ll find a great strain variety with this product type.
    • Vape Cartridges: Contain a cannabinoid distillate combined with terpene extracts that match the strains that naturally occur in cannabis cultivars.
    • Disposable Vapes: Have the same vape oil formula as disposables, and so they also come in a lot of different strain choices.
    • Concentrates: Examples: wax and shatter, are made using the whole flower of the cannabis plant, and so they’re naturally varied when it comes to the strain.

    Hemp Product Types That Usually Don’t Come in Different Strains

    • Gummies: Gummies and other types of edibles rarely come in a selection of strains, for reasons that we’ll explain a little later on.
    • Tinctures: Like gummies, tinctures rarely come in strain-specific options.
    • Topicals: You’ll have a hard time finding strain-specific topicals, since topicals only deliver localized effects to the skin, muscles and joints, where the specific effects of strains don’t have much of an impact.
    • Capsules: Capsules usually don’t contain any terpenes, and so they don’t come with strain options.

    Why Do Some Product Types Offer a Variety of Strains, and Others Do Not?

    There are a few reasons why a particular hemp product won’t come in different strains.  Let’s go over each of these reasons to clear up any confusion.

    #1: Flavor

    Sometimes, products don’t come in strains for flavor-related reasons.  In order to produce a product in a particular strain, that product needs to contain an abundance of terpenes.  And, terpenes are responsible for the flavor of cannabis, since cannabinoids themselves are flavorless.  So, for example, a lot of gummies are made only with pure cannabinoid distillates and are free of terpenes, so that the flavor created for the gummy is not disrupted by the plant-like taste of terpenes.

    #2: Ingredients

    Sometimes, terpenes are left out of a formula because they would conflict with certain other ingredients.  A good example is hemp gummies that contain melatonin.  Melatonin’s sleep-inducing effects could be counteracted by certain terpenes that naturally occur in the hemp plant.

    #3: Effects

    Certain types of delivery methods work in a way that the strain wouldn’t make a big difference in how we feel.  Inhalable products like vapes and flower are known for their potency, and so we can really feel that strain in action, noticing each of its dominant properties as they make their way through the body and the mind.  But, gummies are known for their milder, more spread out effects, and so different strains might not make a huge difference in the overall high of the gummy.  So, in this case, offering a variety of strain options just isn’t worth it to the customers.

    #4: The Strain Itself

    Some strains are hard to find even in inhalable products like vapes and flower, because the strain itself is just that rare.  Examples of rare strains include Thai Stick, Angola Roja and Colombian Gold.  These strains have achieved cult status because connoisseurs have heard about them but have to work hard to actually obtain them for themselves.

    Of course, nowadays, we have technology that allows us to recreate rare strains, by mirroring the terpene profile using terpenes derived from more abundant botanical sources, rather than extracting the terpenes from the strains themselves.  But, still, because these strains are rarer, they’re not necessarily high in demand since the average enthusiast has never even heard of them.

    Something else to keep in mind is the actual cannabinoid itself.  You see, there are certain strains that might either be already powerful (energizing or blissful) that might not go well with that said cannabinoid product due to that compound’s effects that mirror the strain, so the primary effect may be a bit too strong for someone to handle.

    Gas: Lots of Strains to Choose from in Our Premium Vapes and Flower Categories

    At the end of the day, you’re more likely to enjoy a strain to its fullest potential when you go with an inhalable product like a vape, due to the enhanced bioavailability of the terpenes inside.  Luckily, Gas carries loads of fan-favorite cultivars in both disposable vape and vape cartridge form, as well as fresh flower, so that you can find the strain that’s right for you and savor it to your heart’s content.  While our gummies don’t come in different strain options, they promote hours of extremely satisfying effects, and because of that, we’re confident that you won’t even miss the terpenes at all.