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    How Do You Like Your Hemp Vapes to Feel: Cool or Warm?

    Gas is renowned for selling high-quality, premium-grade Disposable Vapes and Cartridges, which feature all kinds of magnificent cannabinoids such as delta-8 THC, HHC, THC-O, and THC-P.  Now, if you’re a fan of our vape cartridges in particular, then you might be using them with a variable voltage or wattage vape pen-style device – in other words, there may be an adjustment dial or a button that lets you change the output level.  Besides affecting the amount of vapor we get, these kinds of adjustments can also affect the temperature of the vapor itself, ranging from cool to warm. 

    So, is one better than the other, and what can both cool and warm vapes offer in their own unique ways?

    What are the Best Temperatures for Vaping Cannabinoids?

    Before we cover cool vs. warm vapes as a personal preference, we need to get into the science of the relationship between cannabinoids and temperature.  All cannabinoids that are psychoactive must be decarboxylated in order for their psychoactive effects to be activated.  This term means that the cannabinoid must reach a certain temperature, and explains why popping raw flower into your mouth will never get you high.  Overall, cannabinoids need to be decarboxylated at somewhere between 225°F-250°F, give or take, with the exact temperature varying from cannabinoid to cannabinoid.

    Now, vape oils contain a pre-decarboxylated cannabinoid distillate.  In other words, the cannabinoid has already been activated for you, as part of making the extract.  So, you don’t need to worry that opting for too cool of a temperature means you won’t get high.

    One thing you do need to stay aware of, however, is that each cannabinoid has a boiling point.  This is the temperature at which the cannabinoid quickly breaks down and loses all of its beneficial effects.  So, vaping at too high of a temperature can mean that you get nothing except a whole lot of burnt flavor, with zero effects.  Essentially, most cannabinoids start to burn at somewhere between 350°F -365°F, and even become carcinogenic around 450°F – a temperature that few vape pens will ever get to. 

    Note: This is unique from concentrates, which are different from vape oils in terms of how they’re made, and can therefore, reach high temperatures of 450°F and higher without problems.

    How to Select the Right Vape Temperature

    Every vape pen is different, and some may not even come with output adjustments at all.  But in general, if you have variable wattage or voltage, then the higher the wattage or voltage, the hotter the temperature of your vapor.  Most pens use voltage-based adjustments, with settings between about 2.4V-4V, while many vapers will tell you 2.5V-3V works best for most cannabinoids.

    Choosing Cooler Vapor

    Going with a lower temperature at about 2.5V-2.8V is considered low-temp vaping.  This will give you cooler clouds, and a more complex, clean flavor since terpenes have lower boiling points than cannabinoids.  It will also give you a more subdued high, because the lower temperature is producing less concentrated vapor.

    Choosing Warmer Vapor

    High-temperature vaping, which is usually 3V-3.5V, will supply a stronger psychoactive effect since the higher temperature is carrying a stronger concentration of the cannabinoid(s) into the vapor, and therefore into your lungs.  Those clouds will also be thicker and bigger, and the vapor will feel warmer while you inhale it.  One thing to remember is, you may get a weaker terpene flavor, since some terpenes may be burning off at the high temp.  Going too high can cause a burnt taste and a harsh sensation that makes you cough, so keep that in mind.

    Cool or Warm Vapes? The Vape Style Choice is Yours!

    Some people prefer cool vapes, and some warm vapes.  There really is no objective winner, since it comes down to personal preference, within reason that is, as too high of a temp can damage your vape oil entirely.  It’s all about finding your sweet spot, by simply exploring the different output settings on your vape pen and seeing which one brings you the most vaping satisfaction.