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    How Effective is Delta-8 THC for Managing Foot Pain?

    Foot pain is something many of us are familiar with – especially if we’re someone who works on our feet or engages in some form of athleticism on a regular basis.  But, foot pain is debilitating, and pretty hard to manage since it’s hard to stop using our feet for long enough to allow the body to recover.  Whether caused by an injury or plain old muscle fatigue, it can become a huge problem especially if you need to get back to work.  But, there are natural options out there to help you manage the discomfort you feel, and delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC) could very well be one of them.

    What Can Cause Foot Pain?

    The foot has 26 bones, and each of these bones can be injured in its own way, along with the muscles, joints, and tendons that surround them.  That being said, foot pain covers a broad variety of pain that can affect the foot, from the heel to the toe.  Because we use our feet excessively each day to get around, it’s not surprising that they’re prone to injury.

    There are various reasons why the foot can hurt, ranging from a stubbed toe to a broken bone.  The more a person uses their feet, or exposes their feet to heavy impact, the more likely they are to develop foot pain.  For instance, a runner or a restaurant server is more likely to have painful feet than a person who sits at a desk for the majority of their day. 

    What Types of Foot Pain Can a Person Experience?

    Foot pain can vary as the foot can hurt for various reasons, from mild to severe pain, to extreme circumstances of needing surgery.  Here are the most common types of foot pain a person can experience:

    • Planter Fasciitis: The most common cause of foot pain, as it’s felt on the bottom of the foot. It occurs because of irritation within the thick band of tissue along the bottom of the foot.  Can be felt in the heel or the ball of the foot.
    • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: This type of pain involves burning, tingling and shooting pains felt on the inner side of the foot. Like carpal tunnel syndrome, it can occur due to repetitive motions of the tarsal tunnel, which runs along the leg and down the inside of the foot.
    • Bunions: A misalignment of the bone structure of the foot, causing the bone to stick out on the side of the foot, either by the big toe or the pinky toe, creating a visible curvature. The pain can be worsened by wearing shoes, which are not designed to conform to the curvature.  Can occur from wearing shoes that are too tight, and thus, happens gradually.
    • Posterior Tibial Tendonitis: Involves inflammation of the tarsal tendon which runs down the leg and attaches to the foot’s arch. If the tendon is inflamed, the arch of the foot may ache.  Could also make it difficult to walk. 
    • Metatarsalgia: A painful condition of the ball of the foot. It’s caused by stress of the bones that make up the ball of the foot, usually through running or a similar activity.  Can cause the tissue to become painful and swollen due to inflammation.
    • Morton’s Neuroma: Caused by the thickening of the nerve between the toes. It’s usually caused by injury.  Could make walking very painful, as a stabbing pain usually develops. 

    How is Foot Pain Usually Treated?

    If you’re experiencing foot pain that’s either severe, debilitating in some way or chronic, it’s important to seek medical attention.  While it might be something relatively simple and easy to treat like a knot in the muscle, it can also be indicative of something that requires more urgent attention like a stress fracture due to overuse.  Foot pain could become increasingly worse and more difficult to treat as time goes on, which is why finding a specialist is a must.

    A specialist will take X-rays of your foot, along with other scans, to figure out the root of the problem.  From there, they will come up with the best treatment plan based on what the cause is.  It may be resting your foot for a certain period of time, wearing more supportive shoes, going to physical therapy or having surgery if necessary.

    For example, conditions like, Morton’s neuroma, posterior tibial tendonitis, planter fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and tarsal tunnel syndrome are usually treated with a combination of steroid or NSAID drugs, resting the foot and physical therapy.  Conditions that involve bone or joint damage, like bunions and stress fractures, may require surgery as the bones will not heal or return to normal on their own.

    Would Taking Delta-8 THC Help Alleviate Some of That Pain in Your Feet?

    Delta-8 THC, first discovered in the 1960s, is a naturally occurring component of the hemp plant.  Many people associate it with its mild yet extremely relaxing high, and that’s certainly a good enough reason for wanting to try it.  But, it’s also a cannabinoid, which means that it works with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body to regulate lots of important functions that relate to our physical, as well as our mental, wellbeing.

    Fortunately, delta-8 THC has been studied over the decades, and while there isn’t as much research on it as there is for other cannabinoids like CBD, we do know quite a bit of what it’s capable of.  Related to foot pain, delta-8 supplies both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, so it can both regulate pain sensitivity through actions in the nervous system, and also regulate the inflammatory response that can have a huge part in foot pain and discomfort, coupled with a lack of mobility.

    We do need to point out one thing, however, which is that delta-8 THC may suppress a critical enzyme known as CYP3A4 which metabolizes many pain medications, including corticosteroids and opioids.  What this means is that if you plan to use that said delta-8 product for foot pain, best to speak with your doctor initially, in order to ensure that it’s safe to combine delta-8 with a medication that you’re currently on, or just recently got off of.

    Walk Tall Without Foot Pain with the Potential Help of Delta-8 THC

    Overall, delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid that’s become hugely popular in recent years, for more reasons than its ability to get us high.  There are people out there turning to delta-8 in an effort to get some potential relief from their various types of physical discomfort, and foot pain is one of them, since its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties might be able to help.  If you like the idea of choosing a plant-based solution for relief, after speaking once again with your physician and even a foot doctor, and getting the okay to do so, Gas delta-8 products are worth a try.