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    How Effective is HHC for Leg Cramps?

    Have you ever experienced a leg cramp before, also known as a charley horse?  If so, then you know that the pain can be absolutely debilitating.  The fact that they tend to come on so quickly makes them all the more of a struggle, especially if you’re out of the home.  Leg cramps can happen to anyone, but there are certain conditions that make them more likely to occur.  Fortunately, they typically last for a very short period of time, and they may be both alleviated and even prevented with certain natural derivatives, including the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. 

    With hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) being new welcome addition to our industry, and with everyone raving about it already, let’s explore its possibility for helping those dealing with constant leg cramps.

    What are Leg Cramps?

    A leg cramp refers to a sudden, involuntary contraction of the calf muscle, which can feel like the muscle is being twisted or squeezed.  This can cause excruciating pain, or be mild, but it often does interfere with mobility, as it becomes very hard to walk on the affected leg.

    Leg cramps most often happen in the middle of the night, due to poor sleep posture, as well as during physical activity, such as running or weight training.  Ultimately, it’s the result of the muscle becoming fatigued.  This fatigue can be exacerbated by very hot temperatures or dehydration, as well as poor blood flow due to the muscle.  Those with poor circulation in the legs may be more likely to get leg cramps.

    How is Leg Cramping Usually Treated?

    Leg cramps, on average, last for minutes – meaning that they resolve themselves quickly, requiring no medical intervention.  In fact, they may resolve faster than you even have time to consider some type of treatment.  But, in rarer cases, they can last for hours, or even multiple days. 

    If you’re experiencing an unusually long-lasting leg cramp, or you get leg cramps frequently, then it’s time to see a medical specialist to determine why this is taking place.  A specialist can take scans of the muscle while testing circulation to the calf, and consider possibilities like dehydration, or nutritional deficiencies that can be causing poor muscular health.  But if the issue is severe enough, they may recommend taking a muscle relaxer.  They may also suggest stretching more, doing physical therapy, or simply increasing your electrolyte intake.

    Is HHC a Possible Solution When it Comes to Leg Cramping?

    Hexahydrocannabinol is a naturally occurring, trace cannabinoid that acts as the hydrogenated version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  Because of this, many people who have used HHC have said that its effects feel very similar to delta 9 THC, a cannabinoid far more well-known.  Because hexahydrocannabinol is so new, we really know little about it in terms of verifiable data and research.  There simply hasn’t been time for researchers to run clinical trials and do more intensive analysis to figure out what types of potential therapeutic uses HHC may have.

    But, what does help us is that a lot of people have used HHC products by now, and so, have shared their experiences afterwards.  Unsurprisingly, hexahydrocannabinol seems to be effective for various types of physical discomfort, and we say that it’s unsurprising because cannabinoids overall are known to possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties through their ability to regulate processes via the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which keeps us in homeostasis.

    What we do need to point out is how certain cannabinoids may have a suppressant effect on an enzyme called CYP3A4, which breaks down many commonly prescribed medications, including muscle relaxer medications.  Hence, consuming high doses of cannabinoids might prevent certain drugs from fully breaking down in the body, which may be dangerous.  Bottom line, your doctor can offer more information.

    Could HHC Finally Become a Holistic Solution For Those Not-So-Subtle Leg Cramps?

    Overall, while there’s no evidence yet that hexahydrocannabinol could help with the symptoms of experiencing leg cramps, HHC is clearly promising, as many people who have taken it might have found some form of potential relief.  This cannabinoid is also legal, all-natural, and nontoxic – essentially taking it can’t hurt.  Just keep in mind that HHC is psychoactive, and that means you will be in for a nice, uplifting high no matter what.  But, as we cannot stress this enough, if your leg cramps are more severe, we recommend seeing a physician to diagnose the condition, and then asking them about using HHC in a potential effort to find relief.  From there, if given the okay to do so, you can check out all the incredible HHC products available at Gas!