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    How Long Should You Wait, On Average, Before Trying a Different Delta-8 Strain?

    Delta-8 THC is a phenomenal hemp compound on its own, thanks to its mild psychoactive effects that give us a very gratifying and mellow high.  But, as you may know, delta-8 products come in all kinds of exciting strains, and each one can give us a completely one-of-a-kind experience, not to mention flavor profile.  So, when’s the right time to switch out the strain you’re currently using for a new one?

    Why the Strain Matters

    Many people underestimate just how much the strain of a delta-8 product can be influencing your overall experience.  It’s the terpenes in the hemp plant that determine the strain’s flavor profile, and so each strain has its own taste which can vary tremendously, from offering notes of citrus and pine to spices and rich chocolate.  But, the strain is about a lot more than just the flavor.  Each strain can offer its own unique effects, to a surprising extent.  For instance, there are indicas out there that can make you feel hazy and couchlocked, perfect for nighttime.  Then, there are sativas that can give you a creativity boost and a sense of incomparable optimism.  This is why you should always consider the strain carefully based on what you want out of your delta-8 experience.

    Why You Might Want to Give a New Strain a Try

    Maybe you want to switch to a new strain because you’re not pleased with the one that you have currently, for one of the following reasons:

    1. Its Strength: Each strain has its own potency level in terms of how high you can get from it. Maybe your current strain isn’t making you feel high enough, and you want something stronger.  Or, maybe your current strain is so powerful that you find yourself falling asleep before you can enjoy it.
    2. Its Effects: Like we said, each strain can have its own unique effects. Maybe the strain you have right now is making you feel too motivated, and it’s not what you want when you’re done with work and want to zone out on the couch.
    3. Its Flavor: Another reason may be that its flavor profile doesn’t agree with you. While this is a rarer case, there are plenty of people who are uniquely sensitive to taste, and the strain they have has a flavor note that doesn’t agree with their palate.

    Adding Another Strain into Your Rotation

    Maybe you don’t want to replace the strain you’re currently using, but you want to add a second one into your routine.  For instance, maybe you have a great bedtime strain, but you’re also looking for something to enjoy during the day that won’t make you feel drowsy.  In this case, it’s perfectly fine to grab a new strain and see what it can offer you at another time of day.

    When is it Time to Try a New Strain?

    The good news is that there is no rule when it comes to when you can switch to a new strain.  It’s not like switching to a new one is going to cause any kind of harm.  But, one thing that we do want to point out is that your reason for being dissatisfied with your current strain may not actually be due to the product, but something within your body that’s stopping you from fully experiencing what the strain can offer, such as:

    • If you have any kind of substance in your body that changes nervous system function, like alcohol, caffeine or even sugar, you may experience a delta-8 product differently, both in terms of the effects that you feel and how strongly the high is.
    • If you happen to be sick when using delta-8, you may not get as high as you normally do, which is something that a lot of people report.
    • Many women find that when they are menstruating, their tolerance to THC increases and so they don’t get as high as they are used to, requiring more of the same product.

    Find a Variety of Delta-8 Strains to Suit Your Different Needs

    Delta-8 THC comes in all kinds of great strain options to choose from, and we believe that it would be a mistake to limit yourself to just one.  You never know what a new strain can offer you, and so you’re free to switch between different strains as you see fit.  Gas carries a variety of delta-8 products in all sorts of strain options.