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    How Long Should You Wait, On Average, Before Trying a Different HHC Strain?

    If you’re a fan of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), then you might want to consider trying out the many different strains of HHC products that are out there to see how you can enjoy the cannabinoid’s properties against the backdrop of a variety of terpene profiles.  But, is it advisable to constantly switch strains, or is it best to stick with one for a while to let the body adjust to it? 

    Why the Strain You Choose Really Matters

    Many people overlook just how significant the strain of an HHC product can be determining the effects that you feel, aside from the hexahydrocannabinol alone.  The strain refers to the distinctive terpene profile of the cultivar of the hemp plant, and these terpenes determine a lot about how you experience a hemp product.  For one thing, terpenes give hemp its flavor profile, and each strain can have its own unique taste – fresh tropical fruits, earthy chocolate, light mint and pine, etc.  Besides that, and perhaps more importantly, each strain produces a different kind of high based on the properties of its terpenes.  Some strains can make you feel uplifted, motivated and focused, like certain sativa strains.  Then, you have strains of the indica variety that can make you feel glued to the couch, with a hazy cerebral high that gives you a sense of giddiness or drowsiness.

    Why You Might Wanna Try a New Strain

    Maybe you want to give a new strain a try because you’re not satisfied with your current one, for one of the reasons below:

    1. The Effects It Offers: Perhaps you’ve been vaping a heavy indica, and you would rather have something less heavy for the daytime, in which case you’d want to opt for more of a sativa-based cultivar.
    2. The Flavor of the Terpenes: While this is less common, some people want to try a new strain because they don’t like the flavor profile of the current one.
    3. How Strong the High is: Some strains produce a more potent high than others, and you might be particular about how strong the effects are. Maybe your current strain isn’t making you feel high enough, or it’s so powerful that it’s knocking you out.

    Adding Another Strain into Your Rotation

    Perhaps it’s not that you want to totally replace the strain that you have at the moment, but you want to give a second strain a try to suit a different need that you have.  For example, maybe you’re vaping a strong sativa in the afternoon that makes you feel nice and motivated, but now you want to try something that’s more suitable for bedtime.  By all means, experiment with different strains and enjoy a nice rotation to get different effects at different times.

    When is it Time Opt for a New Strain?

    There is absolutely no reason why you can’t switch out different strains whenever you want.  People do it all the time, and it’s perfectly fine.  But, before you totally write off a certain strain, you’ll want to know that sometimes, it’s not that the strain you do have is a problem, but some other factor that’s stopping you from fully enjoying it, such as:

    • Other substances in your body can change how a strain behaves, including caffeine, alcohol and even sugar. These substances can change how high you get off of HHC, and even change the actual effects of the strain as well.
    • Many women notice that their tolerance to HHC increases when they’re menstruating, meaning that they won’t get as high as they usually do.
    • A lot of people find that they don’t get as high off of the cannabinoid when they’re sick, so if you feel a weaker high when you’re under the weather, it may not be the strain’s fault, but the fact that you’re dealing with a sickness.

    Enjoy All of the Magnificent HHC Strains Out There

    There is no reason why you shouldn’t explore different strains of HHC products as you see fit.  The world of strains offers all kinds of unique effects and flavor profiles that can each allow us to enjoy the cannabinoid in its own special way.  So, the next time you go shopping for an HHC product, check out all of the strains that are offered to decide which one you’d like to try, and see what it can offer you.  Gas carries a variety of HHC products in all sorts of strain options.