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    How to Explore Your More Creative Side with HHC

    Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a newer cannabinoid that’s already become extremely popular.  Among other things, HHC may act as a natural way to enhance creative thinking, which can help you find your muse if you’ve been stuck in a rut.  And, you don’t need to be a gifted artist or musician to make the most of these effects, since we can indulge in all kinds of creative expression that are accessible, and all the more enjoyable with the psychoactive properties of HHC.

    Can HHC Boost Creativity?

    Hexahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive cannabinoid in the hemp plant that acts as the hydrogenated form of THC, which is why so many people say that taking HHC feels just like being high on delta-9.  And, as we all know, delta-9 THC is one of the most common creative muses in the world, and also has been for centuries.  It can help us see things from a new perspective while minimizing the mental noise that gets in the way of the creative process, making it highly useful for all kinds of artistic endeavors.

    #1: Go on a Nature Walk, and Bring Your Journal or Sketchbook

    Psychoactive cannabinoids can enhance our ability to enjoy nature, helping us better appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors.  The next time you take some HHC, consider going on a nature walk, and bring your journal or sketchbook with you so that you can use your environment as a source of inspiration.  Write a poem inspired by the surroundings, or draw a beautiful tree or lake that you stumble upon during your adventure.

    #2: Enjoy Some Creative Movement

    Creative movement refers to moving our bodies in a way that feels therapeutic to us.  It can look like dance or a yoga sequence, and doesn’t require that you follow any rules.  Many people find that engaging in creative movement each day helps them feel more in touch with their feelings, while acting as an incredibly accessible means for creative expression.  HHC can help your body feel more at ease, allowing you to move your body more freely.

    #3: Take a Class

    If you want to develop a new creative skill, you can sign up for a class in your area, whether it be for crafts, cooking, painting, poetry, gardening, photography – you name it.  Bringing some of your favorite cannabinoid from Gas Canna with you, can help you get even more out of your class sessions, by opening up your mind so that you can feel more inspired as you get to work. 

    #4: Visit a Museum

    There’s nothing like walking through a museum to get some creative inspiration that we can take back home with us.  And, treating yourself to some HHC when you visit a museum can help you see the various exhibits from a whole new perspective, allowing you to better appreciate great works of art, history and science with a fresh mind.  You can very well find yourself leaving the museum filled to the brim with ideas that you can’t wait to put into action, whether that be for a new painting, a photography project or even some fresh décor in your home.

    #5: Pick Up Your Instrument That Has Been Collecting Dust

    A lot of us take up an instrument when we’re younger, and years later, it’s all but abandoned because our lives have become so busy.  But, HHC can inspire you to pick up that guitar or sit at your piano and enjoy playing for the sake of playing.  Even if you’ve lost some of your technical skills, simply playing music can be incredibly therapeutic, and HHC can help you feel more focused while enhancing your appreciation for music.

    HHC: A Fantastic Way to Get in Touch with Your Creative Side!

    If you’ve been stuck in a creative rut lately, you might find it useful to give HHC a try.  This psychoactive cannabinoid can give you a high that helps you see things in a new light, and also can very well inspire you to come up with some pretty innovative ideas that help you get all of that creative energy out of your system.