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    How to Increase Your Strain Game Knowledge: Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Strains

    You’ve probably noticed while shopping at Gas that we offer many of our products in different strain options to choose from.  More and more hemp enthusiasts are getting “strain-conscious,” finding that specific strains of hemp really capture what it is that they particularly want out of their hemp experience.

    But, if you’re a strain newbie, all of this choice can be quite overwhelming.  After all, no one wants to end up with a strain that has the opposite effect of what they’re looking for.  The good news is that strains are pretty easy to understand, and with some basic knowledge, you’ll have no trouble finding the absolute perfect choice for your needs.

    What is a Strain and Why Does It Even Matter?

    The strain of hemp refers to the cultivar, or breed, of the plant.  Cannabis naturally grows widely throughout the world, and where it’s grown influences its chemical composition.  Each chemical composition has a specific configuration of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Because both offer unique effects, each strain promises a different kind of experience based on how it makes a person feel.  Besides that, terpenes in the plant material inform you of the plant’s flavor and aroma, which’s why each strain tastes and smells one of a kind essentially.

    While strain variety used to be a natural result of varying climates, now we have breeders who intentionally cross strains together to create new cultivars.  This has been a really positive thing for the hemp community, as strains are now deliberately created to produce specific effects that many customers are seeking out, like an ultra-strong body high for bedtime, or the ability to make a person feel more creative during the day.

    The Basics on Strains

    Now, let’s break down the basics of strains in terms of the categories that they fall under, which are sativa, indica, and hybrid.  Within each category, you’ll find many strains that share certain characteristics in common that generally support specific effects.  This makes it easier to choose a strain, since you can know ahead of time that you prefer, say, sativa strains, and then it’s just a matter of choosing the specific sativa out of what’s available based on your more specific needs and preferences.


    Indica strains are characterized by having higher levels of myrcene, a “soothing” terpene.  Because of this, they’re more associated with evening time, or even bedtime, since they can make you feel drowsy.  They tend to promote a strong body high that causes the muscles to feel heavy, and are likely to cause “couchlock”, which is a feeling of being stuck to the couch with no desire to move, since the body starts to feel really comfortable.  The mental effects tend to be quite uplifting, but in a way that eases the mind rather than stimulates it.


    • Northern Lights: An all-time classic, with a true indica profile that promises a strong body high effect and a “lights out” effect on the mind that can lead to feelings of spaciness and inner bliss.
    • White Widow: A potent indica strain known for its ability to bring the body and mind into a sense of absolute ease, and is great for physical discomfort.
    • Mango Kush: With its luscious mango taste, it’s popular choice for late at night, since it can deliver major couchlock and make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud of tropical-like splendor.


    Sativa strains are sort of the opposite of indica strains.  They’re most common for daytime use, because their effects can be highly uplifting, and far less likely to cause a strong body high type of effect.  More cerebral in nature, they can make you feel euphoric, motivated, focused, creative or sociable.  Sativa strains are not recommended for bedtime, since they can keep you up.


    • Pineapple Express: An iconic sativa strain that tastes like rich n’ juicy pineapple and offers a nice boost in sociability.
    • Green Crack: An incredibly euphoric strain that can give you a major burst of inspiration and motivation, perfect for getting things done or hanging out with friends.
    • Durban Poison: A beginner-friendly cultivar that promises uplifting effects and a focused state of mind, perfect for enjoying a day hiking or at the beach.


    Hybrid strains dominate today’s market, and it’s easy to see why.  Neither sativa or indica, they’re the result of crossing sativa and indica strains together to get something that’s more balanced.  You can find 50/50 hybrids, sativa-dominant hybrids and indica-dominant hybrids, with different ratios.  Each one brings a little of both categories to the table, so that you’re going to enjoy the best of both worlds, so to speak.


    • Blue Dream: A fruity-tasting hybrid known for being extremely balanced, offering a euphoric but grounded head rush paired with a sense of ease throughout the muscles.
    • Girl Scout Cookies: This potent hybrid named after its delicious flavor offers up a feeling of absolute joy in the mind, and a body high effect that can be quite strong.
    • GG4: A powerful hybrid that can lead to intense couchlock effects, while the mind feels absolutely giddy with euphoria.

    Now, you can consider what indica, sativa and hybrid strains can do for your daily or nightly routine and look into the specific strains available at Gas.  We make it easy for you by describing each strain on our product pages, so that you can have an idea of what to expect with each one.

    Find the Ultimate Strain to Complete Your Cannabinoid Experience at Gas

    Gas really is product to provide our top-shelf flower and additive-free vape products in a generous selection of strains.  We offer some of the most sought-after indica, sativa and hybrid strains around, and now you can have an easier time picking out the perfect one for your needs.  Ask yourself what you’d like to feel when you consume a cannabinoid such as delta-8 THC, THC-O, THC-P, or even HHC, and then choose your strain accordingly to that preference.