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    How to Make HHC Part of Your Daily Routine

    Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a cannabinoid that has proven itself as a true gamechanger in our industry.  Most of its users can’t get over how much it feels like delta 9 THC, both in terms of its high, and its other effects that relate to mood, physical discomfort, etc.  HHC is so satisfying that it’s no surprise a lot of people want to find a way to take it daily, to get as much as possible out of the cannabinoid. 

    So, how does one start a daily HHC routine, in a way that gives the best results possible? 

    Getting That HHC Routine Down Pat

    If you’re ready to take hexahydrocannabinol daily, allow us to help you come up with the perfect daily routine to ensure maximum satisfaction.

    #1: Ask Yourself What You Want Out of HHC

    First, think about why you want to take HHC.  Are you looking for a cannabinoid to ease you into bedtime?  Help you with your tight muscles?  Give you a boost of creative motivation during the day?  Knowing what you want out of the cannabinoid will help you find the right product for your needs, and also give you an idea of how and when to take it each day to maximize the results you’re using it for.

    #2: Consider the Different HHC Product Types Out There

    HHC comes in different product types which each promote a different kind of experience with the cannabinoid.

    • HHC Disposable Vapes: These are all-in-one, maintenance-free systems that let you inhale HHC in a variety of strain options, for effects that you can feel in just minutes, with a potent high that lasts for about up to a few hours.
    • HHC Vape Cartridges: Another way to vape HHC, as thee also come in many different strain options, attaching to 510-threaded vaping devices.
    • HHC Gummies: Usually don’t come in different strains, but they do promote a particularly strong body high, and the effects can last for up to 8 hours. Can take up to a couple hours to fully kick in.
    • HHC Flower: Raw hemp flower buds infused with HHC let you enjoy the most natural and pure form of hemp, while being able to choose from a fresh selection of strains.

    #3: Know Your Strains

    As you may already know, each strain of hemp promotes different effects based on its terpene profile.  This also gives each strain its own unique flavor. 

    • Sativa strains are better for daytime, offering uplifting effects without the laziness.
    • Indica strains are lethargic, and great for the evening.
    • Hybrid strains give you something between the two, for a more balanced type of high.

    #4: Timing is Everything

    Once you’ve secured the best HHC product for daily use, it’s time to think about timing.  The first time you take HHC, it should be when you have several hours with nothing to do, so that if you get too high, it doesn’t interfere with your plans and responsibilities.  But, in general, you may find that a specific time of day is ideal for the cannabinoid, whether that be early in the morning as you’re struggling to prepare for the day, or all the way up to bedtime when you’re ready to turn off those racing thoughts.

    #5: Be Responsible

    With any psychoactive cannabinoid, you need to be responsible.  After taking HHC, you must avoid driving and doing anything else that puts you or others at risk due to intoxication.  So, find a place to fit HHC into your routine when you can enjoy it safely.  This also means not vaping HHC in the office, where those around you might not appreciate inhaling that second-hand vapor.

    #6: Adjust as Needed

    It is normal to make adjustments to a daily HHC routine over time.  Not only do we sometimes find that other products suit our needs better, but our needs change a lot on a regular basis.  Maybe you started using HHC because you really enjoy the burst of creativity you get from certain HHC strains, but down the road you start to want something that’s better for nighttime, when you’re ready to put your feet up and relax.  At the same time, you can absolutely take more than one HHC product within 24 hours if you find that different products address different needs you have throughout the day and night. 

    HHC: The Next Big Psychoactive Cannabinoid for Your Regimen

    As you can see, hexahydrocannabinol is a phenomenal cannabinoid that can be even more useful when it’s worked into a daily routine.  And, at Gas Canna, we’re here to help.  Our HHC products come in various product types, formulations, strains, and more, making it easy to find exactly what will take your regimen to the next level, all while boasting lab-tested hemp and clean ingredients for the absolute best HHC effects possible.