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    How to Make THC-O Part of Your Daily Routine

    It seems as though more people are discovering THC-O, a uniquely potent psychoactive cannabinoid that can bring you into a state of absolute, glorious bliss.  If you’re interested in making this cannabinoid a part of your daily routine, we don’t blame you.  Its positive effects on mood paired with its strong body high can be something to look forward to each day.  But, there are some tips that we recommend you follow to work it into your routine in a way that’s responsible, and capable of giving you the full potential that THC-O is capable of.

    What Can THC-O Offer to You on a Daily Basis?

    THC-O-Acetate is a cannabinoid that’s about 3x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC.  In other words, its high is quite powerful.  As is always the case with cannabinoids, each person’s experience is generally going to be unique, and can also be highly dependent on the strain that they’re using.  But, overall, people say that THC-O offers a profound feeling of euphoria that instantly lifts their mood, and that it delivers a potent body high that makes their muscles feel heavy and at total ease.

    So, what should you consider when turning this exceptional hemp derivative into a staple of your daily regimen?

    #1: Consider Taking It at Night

    THC-O is a pretty intense cannabinoid in that its high is very strong.  And, a lot of people say that they experience couchlock after taking it – in other words, they feel glued to the couch as their muscles get heavier and heavier.  Because of this, THC-O may be a good option for nighttime, when you don’t have to do anything but sit back and relax.  Sure, people take THC-O during the day too, but you may want to make it a nightly cannabinoid as you develop a tolerance to its more potent effects.

    #2: Be Responsible

    One thing to point out is that because THC-O is so intoxicating, you should make a point to use it responsibly.  First of all, you should never drive when you’re high on THC-O.  It can cause impairment, and also can be dangerous.  Besides that, driving while intoxicated is illegal, even if the cannabinoid itself is.  Besides that, you probably want to save THC-O for a time when you have a clear schedule for a few hours, since it can interfere with work and other important tasks that you need to get done.

    #3: Start with a Lower Serving Size

    Because THC-O is so powerful compared to many other cannabinoids, you’ll want to start with a fairly low dose when you’re first getting started.  Otherwise, it’s easy to get too high, and while this isn’t necessarily dangerous, it can be overwhelming to someone who isn’t used to being so intoxicated on a psychoactive substance, which can deter you from wanting to take it again in the future.  It’s always best to ease your way into a THC-O routine to allow yourself to gradually build a tolerance to its effects, and to always feel like you’re in control of the high, and not the other way around.

    #4: Explore the Variety of Strains Out There

    You can take THC-O daily, while exploring a wide selection of strains to get something different out of it at different times.  Some THC-O strains are more uplifting and are great for daytime, while others can be perfect for bedtime due to their soothing effects.  Explore the different THC-O strains out there and see what each one can bring to the table.

    #5: Use It for a Creative Boost

    Many sativa-based THC-O strains are great for enjoying a boost of creativity, so if you’re looking for something that will help you on your creative endeavors, they can be a really excellent choice.

    THC-O: A Great Daily Cannabinoid

    Overall, THC-O-Acetate is one of the most bliss-inducing cannabinoids out there, and its powerful high can give you quite an experience to look forward to each day.  It’s good to ease your way into it, and then choose a time of day when you’re not responsible for getting any tasks done.  From there, you can try out different products, strains, and more to experience its properties in all kinds of useful ways.