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    How to Really “Budget” Those Hemp Expectations

    Now, more than ever, many people are wondering if they can afford taking up a hemp hobby.  With soaring gas prices, higher costs at the supermarket, and just paying more for a lot of things in general, we really do understand the struggle.  Still, there is a cannabinoid renaissance sweeping across the hemp industry, offering all kinds of new and exciting products that give us different marvelous effects found within the hemp plant.  But at the same time, many of us are having a hard time dealing with the instability in our economy right now.

    Good news is, you can both enjoy top-shelf hemp and stay within your budget!  It’s just a matter of making smart choices, both when buying products and when using them, to never end up spending more than necessary to get cannabinoid and terpene satisfaction.

    Why Your Budgeting Goals Shouldn’t Involve Buying the Cheapest Hemp Products Available

    First off, we want to stress one thing, which is that the solution to sticking to a budget isn’t going with the least expensive hemp that you find on the market.  Hemp that’s sold at cheap prices is often, well, cheap, and there are many ways in which a product can be disappointing based on how it’s made.  Everything from the choice of extraction method to the other ingredients in any given formula can bring down the quality significantly, impacting the effectiveness and even the safety of a product. 

    Budgeting Tips to Keep in Mind

    Now, let’s share some budgeting tips that don’t involve sacrificing quality in the process.

    Tip #1: Set a Clear Budget in Mind Ahead of Time

    First, take some time to set a budget before actually buying any hemp.  Consider your monthly expenses and come up with a number that you can reasonably afford monthly without it cutting into your other expenses.  This way, you won’t be surprised when your money is dwindling because a good chunk of it is going to your favorite cannabinoids.

    Tip #2: Know That Hemp Doesn’t Need to Be Insanely Expensive to be High in Quality

    There is a misconception that in order for a hemp product to work, it needs to be unbelievably costly.  Sure, products that are more potent will produce stronger effects, while also being more expensive.  But, most of us don’t need the most potent product out there to get the results we want.  Besides that, a lot of companies simply overcharge because they know that demand is high, and so they can get away with it.

    Tip #3: Wait for Sales and Other Promotions

    Almost all online hemp companies have sales regularly, and other promotions throughout the year.  This is a great time to grab a good amount of hemp while enjoying a serious discount.  Check out your favorite brands during holidays, when they’re most likely to offer fantastic deals on most of their products.

    Tip #4: Sign Up on Social Media and/or Join a Company’s Mailing List

    A lot of companies out there offer special deals and promotions to customers who sign up to their mailing lists, or, follow them on social media.  So, once you find an online hemp company that you like, make sure to do these things so that you can get access to offers that aren’t necessarily advertised to the general public.

    Tip #5: Consider How Much Product You Really Need Each Day to Get Results

    Some of us spend way too much on hemp because we end up going through a lot more than we actually need to get the results we want.  For example, a single 50mg delta-8 THC gummy can give you a pretty potent high for, give or take, 8 hours.  So, during that time, you don’t need to take another gummy, or hit a delta-8 vape, since you’ll likely be satisfied with the high from a single gummy. 

    Tip #6: Look for Bundles from Your Favorite Companies

    Finally, look for bundles offered by your favorite brands, like the bundles at Gas.  This is probably the best way to save money on hemp in the long run and the short term.  Bundles let you pick and choose your favorite products, and because you’re buying them in bulk, they cost notably less per unit.  You can get precise about the products you buy and the volume you purchase, and, enjoy the savings that keep you staying within budget while still getting the top-shelf products that you deserve.

    Note: With bundles, due to getting more product in one purchase, you need make sure how much you'll be able to go through and how to properly store it as well.  This way, you won’t end up wasting perfectly good hemp products, hence, possibly losing money in the process.

    A Hemp Routine Doesn’t Need to Break Your Budget

    Basically, there really is no reason why you should go broke just to enjoy good-quality hemp.  That’s why Gas carries bundles, offers year-round sales, and generally fairly priced products so that you can fit your favorite cannabinoids into your routine, no matter what your budget may be.  And, simultaneously, we promise superior quality through our transparency and third-party lab reports.  This way, you know you’re getting the best hemp on the market at all times.