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    Is Delta-8 THC a Good Option for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers?

    Most of us experience back pain from time to time, and even know just how much it can withdraw us from most aspects of our daily life.  Still, for those who suffer from chronic back pain, the discomfort can be so debilitating that it’s hard to maintain a job, a social life and even do simple tasks around the house.

    Chronic back pain has all kinds of causes, but essentially, everyone with the condition deserves relief.  For those who prefer more holistic options, it may be time to consider delta-8 THC.

    What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

    Chronic back pain refers to any kind of back pain that lasts for more than a few weeks.  The pain can vary at different times of day, such as being worse in the morning than it is at night.  Or, being worse when the person is seated.  The pain, however, doesn’t resolve itself on its own, and so some type of intervention is needed. 

    The most common causes for chronic back pain are:

    • A previous injury
    • Poor posture
    • Stress
    • Dietary deficiencies
    • Underlying conditions that affect the bones, muscles and joints
    • Genetic disorders
    • Chronic pain disorders

    How Delta-8 THC May Be Able to Help

    Delta-8 THC is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid that many people are starting to use specifically for physical discomfort, including chronic back pain.  Its potential aid is twofold. 

    • For one thing, its relatively mild high, which is about 30% less potent than delta-9 THC, can introduce cerebral effects that manage to make us feel less aware of physical discomfort.
    • Secondly, the cannabinoid has been found to work with cannabinoid receptors in the body that control pain levels, and even seems to work as both an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

    In fact, many people have found that delta-8 THC is particularly helpful in this regard, which may have to do with the cannabinoid’s relationship to the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  It appears as though delta-8 works primarily on CB1 receptors, which are cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system.  It’s the body’s nervous system that interprets pain and determines how strongly the brain perceives it.  Delta-8 may dampen this process in a way that makes us less responsive to pain signals.

    What Should You Know About Using Delta-8 THC for Back Pain?

    Anyone interested in using delta-8 THC specifically for chronic back pain, then you will want to consider a few things beforehand, because how you take it, and what kind of product you take, can make or break your ability to find the relief you’re looking for.

    1. Talk to Your Doctor: It’s always wise to tell your doctor before you try to treat a condition on your own. It’s even more important if you’re on any medications, as delta-8 may suppress the CYP3A4 enzyme that is responsible for metabolizing many commonly prescribed drugs.
    2. Be Consistent: Taking delta-8 daily is the best way to ensure maximum effectiveness, as the cannabinoid needs to accumulate in the body to be used to its fullest potential.
    3. Make Sure it’s Potent Enough to be Effective: Pay attention to the milligram strength of the product, if applicable, to make sure you’re taking enough to get relief. Most people recommend starting with 25mg daily for back pain, and increasing the amount as needed and tolerated.
    4. Choose the Right Strain: Delta-8 products may come in a variety of strains, and some strains consist of terpene profiles that are particularly helpful for pain. Explore the strains that are available and find out which ones are best known for their impact on pain levels.

    Delta-8 THC: A Potential Option for Relief

    Delta-8 THC is a fascinating cannabinoid that may be able to help you with your daily back pain.  Make sure that you find a trustworthy brand that sells only pure, authentic and lab-tested delta-8 for the best results.  Gas is proud to serve many customers who rely on our delta-8 products to get through the way with as little discomfort as possible.  We offer a generous selection of product types, strains, strengths, etc., all to ensure that you’re able to find the product that suits your preferences and is capable of addressing those needs.