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    Is There a Way to Cloud Chase When Vaping Cannabinoids?

    When it comes to vaping cannabinoids, most of us are looking to enjoy a nice, blissful high and taste some freshly extracted terpenes when we go in for each puff.  But, there’s another category of vapers out there who love nothing more than taking in huge, thick and fluffy clouds and blowing them out for a nice visual effect while they savor their hemp.  We know that cloud-chasing is a thing with nicotine-based vaping setups, thanks to the vape juice formulas and the power of the devices.  But, is it possible when vaping cannabinoid-based vape oils? 

    The Answer: Yes and No

    The answer really depends on way too many factors, as it turns out.  If you’re looking to get some dense clouds out of your cannabinoid vapes, then you’ll want to consider all of these things below.

    It Depends on Your Device

    For one thing, whether or not you’re able to chase clouds with your cannabinoid vapes depends on your actual vaping hardware.  Typically, the higher the wattage level and the lower the resistance of your coil, the bigger and thicker the clouds.  Some devices made for vape oils have those things going for them, and others don’t.  Remember that there are two main ways to vape cannabinoids – with a pre-filled cartridge that attaches to a device, and through a disposable.  If you’re using a disposable, the battery’s capacity tells you a lot about how much you can chase clouds.  If you’re using a standard 510-threaded vape pen for your vape cartridges, it’s all about the settings, but also the coil of the cartridge itself.

    It Depends on Your Vape Oil Formula

    One of the things about nicotine-based vape juices that make them so capable of delivering excellent clouds is that they contain an ingredient called vegetable glycerin, commonly abbreviated to “VG.”  This is a highly viscous thickening agent that makes the clouds nice and fluffy.  You can find cannabinoid vape oils that contain VG, but they’re actually quite frowned upon, because they’re seen as an additive that dilutes the actual hemp, and the large majority of hemp enthusiasts want to only inhale pure hemp extracts when they vape.

    It Depends on Your Definition of Cloud Chasing

    Another thing to remember is that cloud-chasing is highly subjective.  There’s no metric that determines the quality of a cloud according to its density and size.  Technically, all vaping is cloud-chasing in that we’re always releasing a cloud of vapor into the air when we exhale.  So, while you likely won’t get the massive, dense clouds you get with a nicotine-based setup, you’ll still get decent cloud action with any cannabinoid vape, and you might decide that the clouds you’re getting are good enough for you.  It’s worth noting that you can still do vape tricks with cannabinoid-based vapes, like blowing rings and so on.

    It Depends on How Deeply You Inhale

    Another thing to consider is how deeply you inhale the vapor into your lungs, which determines how much vapor you’re actually inhaling.  Of course, the more vapor you take in, the bigger the clouds that will come out.  Now, in theory, this sounds like a simple solution – if you want to chase clouds, just take bigger pulls of vapor.  But, of course, that’s not for everyone.  For one thing, if you’re pulling in a ton of vapor for the sake of your clouds, you’ll need to be prepared for the fact that you may get really high – a lot ‘more high’ than you’re used to.  And, cannabinoid-based vape oils end to be a little harsher on the throat, so you may end up coughing in an effort to get some nice clouds while you vape.

    Bottom Line: Anyone Can Chase Clouds When They Vape Cannabinoids

    Will they be the biggest clouds that you’ve ever seen?  Probably not.  But, you’d be surprised by how thick and fluffy that vapor can be with a good-quality setup.  So, if you are a cloud-chaser, then go ahead and take bigger pulls if you so choose.  Just one word of caution, though: we don’t recommend turning up the wattage as high as possible to produce more vapor, since you can easily burn and ruin those cannabinoids and terpenes in the process.