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    Organic Hemp vs. Conventional Hemp: Why This Actually Matters

    When you’re buying a hemp product, there is a decently sized checklist you always need to remember, in order to know you’re getting the best product possible.  One of the most overlooked things to be checking for is whether or not the product is derived from organic hemp.  This applies to every hemp product on the market, whether it be raw flower buds or a delta-8 THC gummy.

    A lot of us sometimes underestimate just how much organic hemp can make a difference in the product.  But, the reality is that it’s one of the most important determining factors of quality, and, can even influence the long-term safety of any given hemp derivative that we take regularly.

    Organic-Certified Industrial Hemp

    Hemp can either be grown organically or conventionally in the United States.  For a company to legally claim that their hemp is organic, it must receive a certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which means that the farmer applied for organic certification by proving that their product meets national standards.  For a farmer to claim that their crops are organic when they are not can cause them to lose their license.

    Organic Hemp vs. Conventional Hemp

    For hemp to be certified organic, the farmer has to follow specific rules.  Overall, organic hemp cannot be grown with any chemical-based products like fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides that are of a synthetic nature.  To apply for organic status, a farmer must allow their soil to be tested to show that it contains none of these chemical agents.  And, the farmer must prove that they have not used these agents in 3 years, because up until that point, these chemicals can still have an influence on the crops.  Besides that, organic crops cannot be cultivated through any kind of genetic engineering.

    Basically, what all of this means is that organic hemp is grown using strictly natural methods, as the plant has not been exposed to any synthetically produced chemicals at any time.

    Why Organic Hemp is Superior

    Pretty much anyone involved in the hemp industry will tell you that you should always buy organic hemp because it’s better for you in both the short and long term.  While conventional farming methods, which rely on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. can ensure a higher success rate when it comes to cultivating usable crops, it comes at a cost.  These chemical agents are known for their negative impacts on our health, potentially damaging our liver, kidneys, nervous system and endocrine system.  There’s little regulation in conventional farming that applies to specific chemical products, which means we never know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies unless we go strictly organic.

    Purity is a pretty important aspect we look for when we shop for hemp products.  If hemp is grown using these potentially toxic chemicals, the purity level of any given hemp product will be less than ideal.  Not only that, but some believe that when the hemp plant absorbs these chemicals, its cannabinoids and terpenes are damaged and therefore less bioavailable, meaning that they don’t absorb into the body as easily, causing us to benefit less from the plant’s overall properties.  As a side note, organically grown hemp seems to maintain a higher level of nutrients as well.

    How Do You Know Then That You’re Getting USDA-Certified Organic Hemp?

    Good news folks, most companies these days do source only organically grown hemp.  Why?  Because they know just how critical of a role this has into the overall quality and effectiveness of their products.  And, a company that uses organic hemp to produce all of their products will likely say so somewhere on their website.  Of course, you can always contact a company if you’re not sure, and also ask to see their USDA certification if you want to know with full certainty that they’re only selling organic hemp to customers.

    Just one thing to keep in mind is that a USDA approval is only going to be available if you’re buying hemp that’s grown in the United States.  Different countries have their own approval processes for getting an organic certification, and our country’s standards are particularly strict.  We do recommend going with hemp that’s not only grown organically, but grown in the United States, since it’s also more likely to be fresh due to less time spent traveling.

    All Derived from Organically Grown Hemp is The Way to Go!

    Gas knows just how important it is that hemp is grown organically to maintain the ideal levels of purity, quality, and even safety.  This is why all of our products come from farms that are USDA-certified organic.  This includes our flower as well as our other formulas, such as our vapes and gummies.  In our opinion, organic hemp is perfect route to take in order to get the most out of your daily routine.