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    Should You Store Hemp Flower in a Humidor?

    When the time comes to invest in some high-quality hemp flower, the last thing that we want to happen is for it to either crumble or develop mold before we’re able to finish it.  But, that’s exactly what happens when we fail to store it properly.  Overall, hemp flower is good for about 6 months before it goes “bad", in the sense that its compounds break down, making the product essentially useless.  But, poor storage practices, like leaving flower out in the open air or leaving it in a very moist environment, can cause it to expire even sooner, leading to disappointment and money wasted.

    Some people may consider placing their flower in a humidor in order to preserve it for longer, but is this actually advisable to do?  Let’s find out.

    What is a Humidor and How is It Used?

    A humidor is a humidified storage box that is used for preserving cigars.  Cigars contain dried tobacco leaves, but if the tobacco gets too dry, it won’t burn properly.  At the same time, if it gets too moist, it will develop mold.  A humidor maintains just the right humidity level for cigars, so that they can last for a long time after they were purchased.

    Humidors vary in all kinds of ways.  They’re usually made of either cedar wood, American red cedar, acrylic, glass, or marble to handle the humidity level.

    Now, the actual humidifier is the main component to a humidor, allowing you to store in an environment that completely controls the humidity level.  Humidity is the most crucial component when it comes to hemp flower, as too much humidity can cause mold to develop, and too much dryness can cause the flower to decrease in both flavor and potency.

    A humidor’s humidifier in a humidor can be either analog or digital:

    • Analog Hygrometers: To check on analog hygrometers, simply soak a hand towel in distilled water and wrap it around your hygrometer. Let it sit this way for 30 minutes and then check the reading.  If the hygrometer should register anything over 70% humidity, it’ll need to be re-calibrated.
    • Digital Hygrometers: For digital hygrometers, you will need to place your hydrometer in a plastic bag for 24 hours along with a container full of salt water (the salt water needs to be particularly thick for this to work). After this, the hygrometer should read at 55%-65%. If not, then, like the analogue version, it’ll need to be re-calibrated.

    With all this being said, it may seem like it would make perfect sense to keep hemp flower in a humidor, since humidity is a huge factor in determining the quality of flower buds in terms of how they smoke. 

    Does Hemp Flower Benefit from Being Stored in a Humidor?

    First of all, it’s important to know that cannabis does not belong in a cigar humidor, for two reasons.  One is that cedar is no friend to hemp, as the strong flavor of the wood can benefit the taste of a cigar but overpower the taste of the terpenes in the hemp plant that give the plant its flavor profile.  The other thing is that the humidity level that’s right for cigars is not the same as the one most compatible with hemp.  Again, humidity levels above 65%, which is what you will find in humidors, can cause your hemp flower to grow mold.  Hemp flower favors humidity levels between 55% and 65%, which you won’t get from a cigar humidor. 

    In fact, some companies produce mahogany humidors made exclusively for cannabis.  These do maintain the right humidity level for flower, and they also use a wood that does not affect the flavor of the buds.

    But, is a humidor necessary for hemp flower?  The answer is no.  Your flower can last just fine if kept in an airtight box or jar.  The less light is able to enter it, the better, so if you can find an opaque jar or box, that’s ideal.  Again, storing flower in this way will allow it to last for 6 months, and few people out there take more than 6 months to get through a single purchase of hemp flower, so you really have nothing to worry about.

    The Takeaway

    Overall, hemp flower should never be stored in a cigar humidor, as this is the best way to ruin the flavor of your buds while introducing the possibility of mold in a short period of time.  An airtight, opaque container is best, but if you do feel like splurging, then you can find a mahogany humidor made especially for cannabis.