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    Simple Do’s and Don’ts When Entering the World of Delta-8 THC

    Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 THC) is a hugely popular cannabinoid that naturally occurs in the hemp plant.  Delta-8 THC is beloved for its relatively mild but very notable psychoactive effects that’re slightly more subdued than those of delta-9 THC.  Now, delta-8 is extremely easy to find since it has been on the market for several years now at the time of this article being written, and demand remains very high.  Still, if you’re a newbie, you will need to take some key things into consideration before diving headfirst into a new routine. 

    DO: Choose Your Delta-8 THC Delivery Method Wisely

    Delta-8 products come in different delivery methods, affecting how this cannabinoid absorbs into the body.  So, you have to figure out what delivery method appeals to your specific needs, to customize it accordingly.

    • Delta-8 Gummies are perfect if you want effects for up to 8 hours, which feel stronger in the body. They can either be taken in the mornings, afternoons, or late evening
    • Delta-8 Vapes such as disposable vape pens and pre-filled cartridges are awesome if you wanna feel the effects within minutes, for a couple hours of a highly potent delta-8 THC experience.
    • Delta-8 Flower is perfect for those who want the most natural form of hemp that there is.

    DO: Clear Your Schedule

    Delta-8 is not the most intoxicating cannabinoid on the planet, but especially if you’re a beginner, you may get ‘more high’ than you expected.  We always recommend that beginners clear their schedule for a few hours so that they can really enjoy the effects of the cannabinoid without having anything that they urgently need to tend to.  After all, you don’t want to get really high off of delta-8 THC and then run off to a family dinner, or, communicate with your boss.

    DO: Consider the Strain (If Vaping or Smoking Delta-8 THC)

    Many delta-8 products come in a variety of strains, such as flower and vapes.  Each strain is going to produce a unique kind of effect and offer its own flavor profile.  Some strains are more mellowing, while others are increasingly uplifting.  Take a look at the different strains available at Gas, and then choose the one that most appeals to what it is that you want out of your delta-8 THC high.

    DO: Look at Delta-8 Product Lab Reports and Reviews Before Buying

    Yes, before buying a delta-8 product, consider looking into the brand to make sure that they are legitimate, and have a good reputation.  Read their reviews left by customers, to see what people have to say about their various formulas.  And, always look for those third-party lab reports on their website.  These lab reports display how the company has their hemp tested for quality, purity, potency, and federal compliance by an unbiased source.  Additional information on how to read delta-8 THC lab reports can be found here.

    DO: Consider Delta-8 THC as an “Evening Cannabinoid”

    Many people find that the high of delta-8 is uniquely soothing and mellowing, making it more compatible with the evening hours rather than the daytime.  So, as a beginner, it’s probably a good idea to try it out after you get home from work, when you’re ready to sit back and unwind.  Some products that come in sativa strains may be more uplifting and daytime-oriented, but overall, delta-8 is known for promoting a sense of bliss rather than giving you a boost of motivation.

    DO: Experiment with Different Delta-8 Products

    There are lots of exciting delta-8 products to try, so why stop at one?  You never know when your holy grail is within reach, so consider experimenting with all of the excellent formulas that exist on today’s market to find out which ones really give you the experience that you’re looking for.

    DON’T: Go Crazy the First Time

    As a beginner, we always encourage you to take it easy the first couple of times.  Delta-8 THC is considered somewhat gentle, but still, when you have a low tolerance, taking too much of it can get you more intoxicated than you were planning for.  So, follow the instructions on the label, and increase the amount you take as your tolerance builds.

    DON’T: Drive After Taking Delta-8 THC

    Delta-8 THC is an intoxicating substance, and like any intoxicating substance, it can impair you to the point of making driving dangerous.  Besides that, while the cannabinoid is federally legal, it’s illegal to drive while intoxicated.  Basically, if you take delta-8 THC, wait until after it has worn off before driving your vehicle.

    DON’T: Take Delta-8 THC if You Have an Upcoming/Pending Drug Test

    Delta-8 THC can cause a failed drug test result.  The cannabinoid is metabolized by THC-COOH, the same enzyme that breaks down delta-9 THC, and also is tested for in standard urine tests.  So, if you have a drug test coming up, you’ll need to hold off for a while on using those delta-8 products.

    DON’T: Settle for the Cheapest Delta-8 Product(s) You Can Find

    Delta-8 products that are sold at very cheap prices are likely too good to be true.  There are all kinds of ways in which a company can cut corners – low concentrations of delta-8 THC, poor extraction methods, cheap and unsafe ingredients, etc.  It is simply better to pay for top-shelf quality, as you’ll be in for a much more enjoyable experience.

    DON’T: Be Impatient After Taking a Delta-8 Product

    A lot of beginners think that delta-8 THC should take effect immediately after consuming it, and when that doesn’t happen, they reach for a second dose, and end up getting way too high.  It can take up to 30 minutes for an inhalable product to kick in, and a couple of hours for an edible depending on how much you ate prior to consuming it.  Be patient, and if you still don’t feel the effects after the required amount of time, then you can take a little more.

    The Basic Guidelines for a Successfully Rad Delta-8 THC Experience

    Delta-8 THC could very well become your new favorite cannabinoid, but as a beginner, the best way to ensure that you enjoy it for all that it’s worth is to consider these simple rules for a successful experience.  Make sure that you consider the product you buy very carefully and be mindful of how much you take and when you take it.  Before long, you’ll be a delta-8 pro.

    Gas carries a variety of high-quality and third-party lab tested delta-8 products that can meet your daily needs for all the right reasons.


    Please Note: Before using delta-8 THC, speak with your doctor first, especially, if you’re currently on any prescription medications.  Your physician has access to your medical records and can therefore, make a proper determination if delta-8 is an option for you to take.