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    What’s CBDA, and Why’s a Tiny Amount of It Found in Our THC-O + Delta-8 THC Vapes?

    Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA) is a cannabinoid that has been getting a lot of attention lately, while also proving to be hugely useful, all thanks to its numerous valuable properties.  At Gas, we put a small amount of CBDA into our THC-O + Delta-8 vaping products (Disposable Vapes and Pre-Filled Cartridges).  So, as you’re about to find out, that ‘small amount’ we utilize can improve your overall experience with our vapes to an extent that’s surprising.

    What Exactly is CBDA?

    Cannabidiolic Acid is essentially one of the hundreds of naturally occurring compounds found in hemp.  CBDA is actually the precursor to CBD, prior to decarboxylation.  When you handle raw hemp flower, you’re actually handling CBDA, and not CBD (cannabidiol), because CBDA is the CBD compound in its raw, acidic form.  Once heat is applied to the product, the chemical structure of CBDA changes and becomes CBD, with a new set of properties that affect the body and the mind.

    But, to say that CBDA is just raw, non-activated CBD would be a mistake.  This raw precursor cannabinoid is proving to be immensely valuable all on its own, as its properties are completely distinctive.  CBDA has been researched quite a bit over the years, and there are many studies showing its impressive effects.  One in particular is its interaction with 5-ht receptors in the brain.  More specifically, CBDA has an influence on serotonin uptake, and research has found that because of this, the cannabinoid can have a very positive effect on those suffering from nausea.  It also means that CBDA can regulate serotonin production in a way that has an impact on our mood, as serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for our feeling of wellbeing, known as the “happiness hormone.”

    Cannabidiolic Acid is also non-intoxicating.  This isn’t surprising considering that CBD isn’t either, but besides that, cannabinoids only become psychoactive after they’ve been decarboxylated (heated).  What this means is that taking CBDA won’t get you high, no matter how much you take.

    Why is CBDA Included in Gas THC-O + Delta-8 THC Vapes Anyways?

    Cannabidiolic Acid has the ability to enhance your high when vaping a combination of THC-O and delta-8 THC.  We talked about how CBDA can increase serotonin uptake, in a way that has a positive impact on mood.  THC-O-Acetate is a cannabinoid renowned for its highly euphoric properties, while delta-8 THC is associated with helping bring about peace of mind.  Together, this trio can create a powerful uplifting effect that makes you feel absolutely blissful.

    Cannabinoids have a synergistic relationship with one another, meaning that when they are taken together, they can offer a positive effect greater than the sum of each individual part.  They essentially multiply the positive effects of one another, while enhancing overall effectiveness by increasing the bioavailability of one another.  What this means is that because we put CBDA in our vapes, you may get more out of the delta-8 and THC-O as well, while enjoying an unparalleled sense of balance and harmony that you can’t get from vaping a single cannabinoid on its own.

    Due to CBDA being non-psychoactive, it won’t actually increase the intoxicating effects of a vape.  What it will do is enhance the way in which both THC-O and delta-8 absorb into the body.  Despite the fact that we only use a trace amount of cannabidiolic acid in our vape oils, it offers a substantial impact on the effects that you’ll feel.

    Not only that, but because we’ve crafted this strategic balance of cannabinoids, those positive effects felt from Gas THC-O + Delta-8 THC vapes are completely one of a kind on the market.  In other words, you won’t get the profound sense of euphoria that our cartridges and disposables provide anywhere else.

    CBDA: Yet Another Excellent Addition to Your Cannabinoid Routine

    Cannabidiolic Acid is a derivative of hemp that has been overlooked for a long time, but now we know that it’s an incredibly important cannabinoid that can potentially benefit us in all kinds of ways.  Even a trace amount added to our vape oil formulas can deliver surprising effects to the user.  If you wanna maximize your hemp vaping experience, Gas Vapes are the way to go.