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    What’s Sticky Hemp Flower and is It Still Good to Use?

    Have you ever handled some freshly purchased hemp flower and discovered that it’s coated in what feels like sticky goo?  If you’re an inexperienced enthusiast, it’s easy to get grossed out by the sensation of sticky flower in your hand, but before you assume that it’s gone bad in some way, it’s important to understand why you may have sticky buds in the first place.

    Why is Hemp Flower Sticky?

    Sticky hemp flower, known as “sticky icky”, is actually quite common.  It means that the flower you have has a high amount of resin, which’s excreted through glands that coat the flower known as trichomes.  The more resin is secreted from the plant, the stickier it will feel to the touch.  You can see these trichomes for yourself, as they look like little hairs, excreting a coating that often looks milky.

    It’s within the resin of the plant that we find a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes – the two classes of compounds that we want when we consume cannabis, both because of their effects and, in the case of terpenes, the flavor that gives each strain its unique flavor profile.  In fact, different strains may have different levels of stickiness, based on their unique genetics.  For example, favorites like Gorilla Glue #4 and Grandaddy Purple are renowned for their stickiness to the touch.

    It's clear that stickier flower is more potent flower.  In other words, sticky flower has not gone bad in some way, nor is it a sign of poor quality.  Sticky flower is actually a good thing, and if you have some in your possession, you should consider yourself quite lucky.  Sticky hemp flower can actually be extremely potent compared to traditional flower, meaning you’re in for an even more enjoyable hemp experience than ever.

    What Determines the Stickiness of the Flower?

    Let’s elaborate a little more on why some flower buds you buy may feel stickier than others, to give you an idea of what “sticky icky” can offer you.

    • Strain: Some cultivars naturally yield higher amounts of resin excreted through their trichomes, which plays a big role in the intensity of their flavor and effects.
    • Age: Typically, the fresher the flower, the stickier it is, and so the more potent it is. As the plant ages, these trichomes start to break down, which is why old hemp flower is not nearly as effective. 
    • Growing Conditions: How the plant is grown can, to some extent, affect its stickiness level. If the plant is grown in the ideal environment, in which the climate is just right in terms of sunlight, rainfall, humidity and temperature, it can yield a higher trichome count, resulting in more sticky resin to coat the buds.
    • Storing Conditions: How the buds were stored before they made their way to you can influence the stickiness. If the flower is left out in the open air for instance, it can dry out quickly and lose its stickiness.
    • The Curing Process: Hemp flower undergoes a dry-curing process before it’s sold, to prevent mold growth. How long the plant is hung to dry can determine how much its trichomes dry out.

    Bottom Line: Stickier = Better Hemp Flower

    While sticky flower may seem off-putting at first, the reality is that it’s actually a really positive attribute of high-quality buds.  So, the next time you end up with flower that has that sticky coating, know that you’re in for a very potent and flavorful hemp experience, and that you’re going to be the envy of your hemp enthusiast buddies. 

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