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    Where is HHC Legalized, and How Does This Affect You?

    Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is one of the most recent cannabinoids to take the hemp world by storm.  Its psychoactive status makes it extremely appealing to those who want to get high without breaking federal law, but that’s not all that this cannabinoid has up its sleeve, as its variety of properties is nothing short of impressive.

    But, there’s one problem - HHC isn’t actually legal everywhere throughout the country.  Unsurprisingly, this cannabinoid’s psychoactive nature hasn’t thrilled legislators across the board.  So, it is imperative that all hemp enthusiasts abide by state laws at all times, and that’s why we’ve attempted to make it easier to understand the laws where you live.

    Is HHC Federally Legal?

    Hexahydrocannabinol is, in fact, federally legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.  This legislation declared that all hemp-based products are legal under federal law as long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight.

    Is HHC Legal in All 50 States?

    While HHC is considered legal under federal law, that doesn’t mean that all 50 states agree.  States can choose to come up with their own hemp-related laws that override those of the federal government, and several states have enacted bans on HHC following its quick rise in popularity.

    • Alabama: HHC remains legal in Alabama. The state also legalized medical marijuana in 2021, but recreational marijuana remains banned.
    • Alaska: Although Alaska is a state that has legalized recreational marijuana, HHC is a banned substance throughout the state.
    • Arizona: Arizona has banned HHC, even though they permit recreational marijuana use.
    • Arkansas: HHC is illegal in Arkansas, a state which has maintained a medical marijuana program since 2016.
    • California: HHC is legal in California. The state also permits sales and use of recreational marijuana.
    • Colorado: While Colorado was famously one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, HHC is a banned cannabinoid.
    • Connecticut: HHC is a legal cannabinoid in Connecticut. The state also recently legalized recreational marijuana.
    • Delaware: Delaware recently became another state to ban HHC, and has maintained a medical marijuana program since 2011.
    • Florida: HHC is legal in Florida, another state that has a successful medical marijuana program.
    • Georgia: HHC is a legal cannabinoid in Georgia, and the state also legalized medical marijuana several years ago.
    • *Hawaii: As of recently, HHC is now legalized in Hawaii. The state has a medical marijuana program, and has decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis.  However, this state only allows products that are tinctures, tablets, capsules, and softgels.  No oral or inhalable products are permitted.
    • Idaho: HHC is illegal in Idaho, and the state has some of the strictest cannabis laws, not even permitting medical marijuana use.
    • Illinois: This is a state that’s lenient with cannabis overall, with recreational cannabis use being fully legal. IL recognizes HHC as legal.
    • Indiana: While Indiana has strict cannabis laws, not even having a medical marijuana program, HHC is a legal cannabinoid.
    • Iowa: A state with a medical marijuana program, has banned HHC.
    • Kansas: HHC is a legal cannabinoid in Kansas. Kansas is in the process of trying to pass a bill that would allow for a medical marijuana program.
    • Kentucky: HHC is temporarily legal Kentucky, while the state has been trying to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana this past year.
    • Louisiana: HHC is a legal cannabinoid under Louisiana law. The state also manages a medical marijuana program.
    • Maine: Maine permits the use of HHC, with liberal laws that have also led to the legalization of recreational marijuana.
    • Maryland: Maryland has maintained that HHC is legal, and the state has managed a medical marijuana program for several years.
    • Massachusetts: HHC is fully legal in Massachusetts, and the state also allows cannabis to be used recreationally.
    • Michigan: Michigan allows for HHC, and has recently legalized recreational marijuana.
    • Minnesota: HHC is legal in Minnesota. The state has a medical marijuana program, and has decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis.
    • Mississippi: Their cannabis laws are very strict, banning HHC and not having a medical marijuana program.
    • Missouri: HHC is legal in Missouri, even though the state’s cannabis laws only permit medical marijuana use.
    • Montana: HHC is illegal in Montana. Meanwhile, the state has a successful medical marijuana program.
    • Nebraska: HHC is legal in Nebraska, although the state does not even have a medical marijuana program, despite decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis.
    • Nevada: HHC is illegal in Nevada, even though the state permits recreational cannabis use.
    • New Hampshire: HHC is a legal cannabinoid in New Hampshire, another state with a successful medical marijuana program.
    • New Jersey: HHC remains legal in New Jersey, where recreational marijuana legalization laws went into effect last year.
    • New Mexico: HHC is legal in New Mexico, as is recreational cannabis use.
    • New York: Despite legalizing recreational cannabis, NY still considers HHC to be illegal.
    • North Carolina: North Carolina has become more lenient lately, decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis possession. The state permits HHC.
    • North Dakota: HHC is strictly banned in North Dakota, a state that does allow for medical marijuana use.
    • Ohio: This state recognizes legal medical marijuana, maintains that HHC is legal.
    • Oklahoma: HHC is legal throughout Oklahoma, a state with a booming medical marijuana industry.
    • Oregon: Oregon, a fully cannabis-friendly state, unfortunately, as of July 1st, 2022, does not allow HHC to be sold legally.
    • Pennsylvania: HHC is legal in Pennsylvania, a state that only allows for medical marijuana use.
    • Rhode Island: HHC is strictly illegal in Rhode Island, another state to operate a medical marijuana program. 
    • South Carolina: HHC is fully legal in South Carolina, where medical marijuana is also legal.
    • South Dakota: HHC is legal in South Dakota, as is recreational cannabis.
    • Tennessee: Although Tennessee has completely banned marijuana, HHC is legal.
    • Texas: HHC is legal throughout Texas again, for now, where medical marijuana is also legal.
    • Utah: HHC is banned in Utah. Only a few years ago, the state legalized medical marijuana.
    • Vermont: Vermont recognizes recreational marijuana as legal, but has banned HHC.
    • Virginia: HHC is legal in Virginia, as is recreational marijuana.
    • Washington: Although recreational cannabis is legal in Washington, HHC isn't allowed
    • West Virginia: HHC is legal in West Virginia, as is medical marijuana.
    • Wisconsin: Strictly prohibits recreational marijuana use, as only medical is allowed. However, the state does permit legal HHC
    • Wyoming: While Wyoming is working on legalizing recreational marijuana, HHC remains fully legalized

    This list offers the most up-to-date information as July 1st, 2022.  But, states can change their laws regarding cannabis suddenly, and without any real warning.  So, make an effort to consistently check up on your state’s current hemp laws, as well as marijuana laws, in order to ensure that you’re not breaking the law without knowing it.

    How Does This Impact You, The Consumer?

    Ultimately, if you live in one of the above states that has banned HHC, we cannot legally ship it to you.  While it’s true that these states are more likely to enforce laws regarding sales rather than possession, it’s still going to be hard finding HHC if it can’t legally be sold where you live.  Our hope is that as we learn more about the value of the hemp plant, states will become more willing to embrace legal HHC in the near future.