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    Which THC-O Delivery Method is Right for Me?

    THC-O-acetate (THC-O) is a must-have cannabinoid if you’re all about those stronger psychoactives from the hemp plant that promise a potent high.  Like all hemp products, THC-O comes in a wide variety of delivery methods, so that you can take it in the way that suits your needs the best.  Many people underestimate just how different each delivery method can feel and behave, which is why it’s important to compare them to one another before settling on one in particular.

    What in the World is a Delivery Method?

    A delivery method is the method through which the THC-O-acetate actually absorbs into the bloodstream to become effective.  For instance, ingesting THC-O is going to produce quite different results from inhaling it in the form of, say, a vaping product.  Each delivery method affects us differently, and that’s why it’s so important to understand each one.  This will help guide you toward making the best choice for your needs and goals with the cannabinoid, while helping you avoid product types that don’t line up with your daily routine and overall preferences.

    THC-O Edibles

    THC-O edibles are products that are ingested, with examples being gummies and capsules.  While the exact formula can differ between various products, they all allow the cannabinoid to absorb into the body in the same way.


    #1: Effects Last for a Long Time

    Because edibles are ingested, they absorb quite slowly into the body, and this can actually be a good thing if you’re looking for long-lasting effects.  Most people find that edibles keep on producing effects for up to 8 or so hours, lasting longer than any other delivery method.

    #2: The Body High Effect is More Noticeable

    Edible products also produce the strongest body high.  This means that you’ll feel a more noticeable difference in the body, which is great if your muscles are feeling particularly tense.

    #3: Taste Delicious

    Edibles are undoubtedly a tasty option, with gummies being the most popular.  If you want a THC-O product that tastes good, edibles are the way to go.

    #4: They’re Easy to Portion Out

    Edible products are portioned out, with an equal amount of THC-O in each serving.  This makes the process of dosing a lot easier for the user.


    #1: Effects Can Take a While Before Becoming Active

    It can take 1 to 2 hours before you can actually feel the effects of THC-O take place, since the process of digestion is the slowest of all absorption methods.

    #2: Cerebral Effects are Milder

    Many report that THC-O edibles don’t cause as strong of a mental high as other products.  But, that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent.  On the contrary, the potent nature of THC-O means you’ll certainly feel a euphoric buzz.

    THC-O Vapes

    THC-O vapes, such as vape cartridges and disposable vapes, are electronically powered, handheld products that allow you to inhale a vapor rich in THC-O.  Usually, these vapes contain a formula that combines THC-O-acetate distillate with terpenes so that you can enjoy a broader spectrum of hemp-related effects.


    #1: Fast-Acting

    Inhaling the THC-O compound ensures the fastest-acting effects out of any delivery method.  You’ll be able to feel the effects within only minutes, which is great if you’re looking for a quick THC-O fix.

    #2: Potent

    Inhalable products feel the most potent, since the absorption rate of the lung tissue is extremely high.  This means that you’ll get a stronger THC-O high out of a vaping product.

    #3: Available in Lots of Great Strains

    THC-O vapes are one of the product types that ordinarily come in a wide variety of strain options.  This means that you can find the perfect sativa, indica or hybrid strain to essentially customize the effects that you feel from vaping THC-O.


    #1: Short-Lived Effects

    The effects of vaping tend to last for 1-2 hours – the shortest of any delivery method.  Of course, this can be a positive if you’re not in the mood to be ‘high’ for a large chunk of the day.

    THC-O Flower

    THC-O flower is technically in the same delivery method as vapes, since all of these products are inhaled and so they all absorb in the same way.  But, flower is such a different product from vapes in many ways that it’s important to make some distinctions.  THC-O flower is simply raw flower that’s infused with pure THC-O distillate.


    #1: It’s Natural

    The fact that flower is a 100% natural, unprocessed product that contains no additional ingredients is a big part of its appeal, since this makes it extremely clean in terms of its formula.

    #2: Very Bioavailable

    Flower is likely the most bioavailable out of all hemp products, meaning that it absorbs the most effectively into the body, because of the fact that it’s completely unprocessed and therefore more stable.

    #3: You Can Choose from Different Strains

    Like vaping products, flower comes in a wide selection of strains.  Again, this allows you to choose specific effects based on the terpene profile for a more customized experience.  Flower is already a full spectrum product, so you can enjoy the complete variety of cannabinoids and terpenes as they naturally exist in the plant.


    #1: It Takes Some Work

    With flower, unless you’re buying pre-rolls, you’re going to need to do some work.  This may include grinding up the flower and rolling it into paper, or breaking up the buds and inserting them into a pipe or vaporizer chamber.

    #2: Less Travel-Friendly

    Because flower needs some preparation before you can enjoy it, it’s not the most travel-friendly delivery method.

    THC-O Tinctures

    THC-O tinctures are bottled oils that are meant for sublingual administration – in other words, they absorb below the tongue.  They come in different milligram strengths, and arrive in dropper bottles.


    #1: A Nice “Middle-Ground”

    Tinctures are not as bioavailable as inhalable products, but they’re more bioavailable than edibles.  This means that their potency level, effect onset time and duration of effects is basically halfway between the two other delivery methods.

    #2: Easy to Consume

    Tinctures are really easy to take, since all that you need to do is fill the attached dropper with the desired amount of oil and pour it under your tongue, allowing it to absorb through the sublingual tissue.

    #3: Versatile

    Tinctures are usually consumed sublingually, but they can also be added to food if you want to turn your favorite dish or recipe into a THC-O edible.


    #1: Not Super Long-Lasting, Super Potent, or Incredibly Fast-Acting

    Tinctures aren’t gonna give you the 8 hours of effects like edibles, and, won’t kick in within minutes with potent effects like vapes. 

    Which THC-O Delivery Method is Right for You? The Choice is Yours!

    No matter how it is that you want to consume your THC-O-acetate, the bottom line is that each delivery method offers some clear advantages that makes it unique and useful in its own way.  So, consider the pros and cons of each to figure out what type of THC-O experience you’d like to have, and enjoy a totally customized THC-O experience.


    Please Note: Before using THC-O, speak with your doctor first, especially, if you’re currently on any prescription medications.  Your physician has access to your medical records and can therefore, make a proper determination if THC-O is an option for you to take.