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    Why Do THC-O and Delta-8 THC Make for a Unique Combination?

    Today’s hemp market offers us a plethora of psychoactive cannabinoids that are both incredibly enjoyable and federally legal.  Two of these cannabinoids that are particularly dominating the market are delta-8 THC and THC-O, which each deliver a satisfying high that’s completely one-of-a-kind.  Because both can give us a fantastic high in their own unique way, it can be tough to choose between the two.  But, have you ever considered combining them together?  As it turns out, mixing THC-O with delta-8 THC can bring you into a state of bliss on a whole new level.

    Delta-8 THC

    Before we talk about the combination of delta-8 and THC-O, let’s quickly break down the differences between the two for those who are still pretty new to psychoactive hemp derivatives.  Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring, minor cannabinoid in hemp that offers an intoxication level that’s about 30% milder than delta-9 THC.  Many people who use delta-8 find it to be a great cannabinoid for unwinding, offering a nice, mellow state of mind and body that helps them feel a profound sense of ease.  Delta-8 is also known to help a person maintain a clear mind due to its milder psychoactive nature.


    THC-O is a partially synthesized cannabinoid that offers a psychoactive high about 3 times as powerful as that of delta-9 THC.  Its potency is the biggest part of its appeal, and can be very intense for beginners.  People who use THC-O say that it gives them an incredible sense of euphoria along with a distinctively strong body high that makes every muscle feel like it’s melting into the couch.  Some users even report a mild psychedelic effect.

    They Can Balance Each Other Out

    So, what happens when we bring these two all-star cannabinoids together?  Well, for one thing, they can balance one another out.  Delta-8 is somewhat mild, and THC-O, by contrast, is very potent.  Taking them together, depending on the ratio, can give you a high that’s a bit mellower than pure THC-O, yet more intoxicating than straight delta-8.  Besides that, their specific effects can balance one another out, since one cannabinoid is more uplifting, and one is more soothing.

    Their Effects on Mood Can Be Extremely Satisfying

    Psychoactive cannabinoids change our state of mind, offering unique effects on our mood.  When we’re having a bad day, the right cannabinoid can make us feel more at peace and give us a reason to smile.  Mixing delta-8 with THC-O could very well be the ultimate cannabinoid combo for you based on what it can offer to your mental state.  Like we said, THC-O is regarded as a highly euphoric cannabinoid that can make you feel like nothing can bring you down.  Meanwhile, many people use delta-8 as an anxiolytic, because it can slow down racing thoughts and offer a sense of pure inner bliss.  You can only imagine, then, what happens when you bring these two together, and get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    They Work Synergistically with One Another

    One thing that’s important to remember is that all cannabinoids work synergistically with one another.  What this means is that taking two cannabinoids together gives you an experience that’s different from the sum of its individual parts.  Delta-8 and THC-O can give you a completely dazzling high in ways that you didn’t expect, because the cannabinoids come together to take on new, meaningful properties while supporting the bioavailability of one another.

    The Body High Can Be Very Gratifying

    If you’re all about a nice, tension-easing body high, then this may be the combo for you.  THC-O’s body high can be incredibly strong, but delta-8 can take the edge off of it in a way that simply allows your muscles to feel unbelievably soothed from head to toe, while you’re not as couchlocked as you would be had you taken straight THC-O.

    THC-O and Delta-8 THC: A Match Made in Cannabinoid Heaven

    It’s clear that mixing THC-O with delta-8 can give you a high that truly suits your cannabinoid-related needs.  If you want to see what his cannabinoid cocktail can do for you, then it’s time to check out Gas, where we offer a variety of formulas that bring these two cannabinoids together with nothing but the cleanest ingredients and highest-grade, lab-tested hemp distillates.