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    Why Isn’t Delta-8 THC Working For Me?

    With all of the hype surrounding delta-8 THC over the last couple of years, a lot of us have pretty ‘high’ expectations when taking it initially.  But, what if your first time trying a delta-8 product is less than spectacular, in that you barely feel anything at all?  While delta-8 is known for being milder than delta-9 THC, you should still feel a notable high that impacts body and mind.  In almost every case, there’s a simple reason why delta-8 isn’t performing as promised, and an equally simple solution.

    Main Reasons For Not Seeing Those Delta-8 Results

    There are a several contrasting reasons that drove you to having this experience.  However, the important thing to remember, before we dive into those, is that everyone's experience with delta-8 THC is unique.  Now, time to see why delta-8 may not work for you, and what you can do to possibly have an improved delta-8 experience.

    Reason #1: Your Dose Was Too Low

    The most common reason for not getting any real effects from delta-8 THC is taking too little.  We appreciate that a lot of beginners are trying to avoid getting too high, and so they go with a tiny dosage amount to be on the “safe” side.  But, taking far too low of a dose can mean that you don’t feel much at all.  With all psychoactive cannabinoids, there’ i a threshold dosage – in other words, a number of milligrams the body must absorb for the psychoactive effects to take place, and this threshold dosage can be slightly different for everyone.

    What to Do: We are not suggesting that you take a high dosage of delta-8 THC, but you can consider trying a higher dose next time.  Generally, most people feel the effects at somewhere between 15mg-30mg, which can mean one full gummy, or 2-3 puffs of a vape or flower.

    Reason #2: You Have an Expired Delta-8 Product

    A lot of people don’t realize that delta-8 products do expire, and once they do, the cannabinoid is no longer effective.  Most delta-8 products last for 6 months up to 2 years, depending on how they’re made.  However, if the product has been exposed to high heat, bright light, high humidity or open air for a fairly long period of time, it can expire much sooner.

    What to Do: Always buy delta-8 THC that’s fresh.  To avoid getting expired delta-8, stick to buying it online from a trusted company, as this means they likely have a high product turnover rate.  And, store your delta-8 wisely, always keeping it in a dark, dry, and cool place while being sealed completely shut.

    Reason #3: Your Product Was Made Using Low-Quality Manufacturing Methods

    If you’re going with low-quality, poorly made delta-8 THC, then you may never get the effects you’re looking for.  Products made with poor extraction methods and other manufacturing processes can simply be too weak to effectively absorb into the body.  Poor manufacturing methods can lead to chemically unstable delta-8, which no longer has the ability to fully absorb into the body’s endocannabinoid system.

    What to Do: You can’t always know for sure exactly how a delta-8 product has been manufactured, but there are ways to ensure you’re getting delta-8 from a reputable retailer.  Again, we recommend going with an online company that has lots of positive reviews, and makes third-party lab reports available that allow you to learn about the quality, purity and potency of the delta-8 in their products, through an unbiased testing facility.

    Reason #4: Your Body Isn’t Absorbing it Properly

    Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with the product or how much you’ve taken.  The human body is complex, and sometimes, we just don’t get the effects we’re expecting for all kinds of complicated reasons.  If you drink, then you know this can happen with alcohol – sometimes, we feel tipsy from one drink, and other times we can consume a lot and never feel that affected.  Your hormones, the foods you’ve consumed that day and your stress levels can all influence how delta-8 is used by the body.

    What to Do: If you took a standard dose of delta-8 and nothing really happened, just try again the next day.  And, consider any unusual factors that may have influenced what happened.  For example, consuming delta-8 gummies on a full stomach may inhibit the absorption of the cannabinoid to some extent, so consider trying them when you haven’t eaten in a couple of hours.

    Reason #5: You Need to Give the Product More Time to Absorb

    Sometimes, it’s a matter of impatience – which we totally understand.  Delta-8 vapes and flower can take anywhere from a couple minutes to about a half hour before you really feel their effects, and edibles can take 1-2 hours, or even more if you consumed them on a full stomach.  So, before reaching for another dose, allow for the standard length of time to see if it’s just taking a while for that cannabinoid to really kick in.

    What to Do: Wait it out.  If It’s been about 40 minutes since you last inhaled a delta-8 vape or flower, or if it’s been more than 3 hours since you consumed an edible, then consider that you may need to up your dose next time.  Also, try to avoid taking delta-8 after a large meal – even vapes can take longer to absorb because the digestive process takes up a lot of the body’s resources, and can interfere with the full potential of delta-8’s high.

    Reason #6: You Took Too Much CBD

    CBD goes great with cannabinoids, potentially enhancing their more mellowing effects while taking the edge off of the high.  Getting that balance just right is a challenge, as too much CBD can subdue the high of delta-8 more than you may think, leading you to think that the delta-8 isn’t working.  We’re not saying to abandon CBD, but you may need to change up your routine in some way to get the best out of both cannabinoids.

    What to Do: Try delta-8 without any CBD.  Or, if you’re afraid of getting too high, then cut back on the amount of CBD you take by half.  Another option is to take CBD at one time of day, like in the morning, and delta-8 at a different time, like the evening.

    Reason #7: Your Tolerance is Naturally High

    Some people just naturally have a high THC tolerance due to their endocannabinoid system, which is different for everyone.  Even some beginners find that they have to take a high dose compared to others in order to get the same effects.

    What to Do: Try incrementally increasing your daily delta-8 dosage by a few milligrams – 5 or so – each day until you finally feel the high you were hoping for.  Don’t worry about the negative effects of consuming too much.  The body can tolerate relatively high doses of delta-8 just fine.

    Reason #8: It’s Interacting with Your Medication

    Some medications can affect how high you get from delta-8 THC, due to their effects on the nervous system which change the way in which CB1 receptors behave.  Besides that, mixing delta-8 with medications should be discussed with a doctor, because delta-8 can suppress CYP3A4, an enzyme that allows many medications to metabolize rather than building up in the bloodstream.

    What to Do: If your doctor is comfortable with you taking delta-8 with a medication, try taking delta-8 at least 8-hours after or before your medication dosage.  Spreading out the timing can mean there’s less interaction between the two.

    Key Takeaway From All of This

    Delta-8 THC can be an incredibly rewarding cannabinoid thanks to its blissful effects that leave the body and mind in a state of absolute ease.  But, you may find that from time to time, you’re not getting the results that you’re expecting.  Good news is though, by choosing top-quality products at Gas that contain the right number of delta-8 milligrams per serving, your chances of disappointment are incredibly low.