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    Why Isn’t HHC Working for Me?

    The whole hemp community is buzzing with excitement over hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), a fascinating hemp-derived cannabinoid that can offer a high that feels incredibly similar to delta 9 THC.  Given all of the HHC hype lately, it goes without saying that those who are new to this cannabinoid are extremely excited to take it for the first time.  But, what happens if you do take HHC, and don’t get the effects that everyone’s raving about?  Good news, it is extremely rare to be resistant to the effects of HHC, and usually some very simple adjustments can give you the high you’ve been waiting for.

    Main Reasons For Not Seeing Those HHC Results

    There are a several contrasting reasons that drove you to having this experience.  However, the important thing to remember, before we dive into those, is that everyone's experience with hexahydrocannabinol is unique.  Now, time to see why HHC may not work for you, and what you can do to possibly have an improved HHC experience.

    Reason #1: You Didn’t Take Enough

    A lot of times, the reason why you’re not getting much from your HHC experience is because you just didn’t take enough.  And, we get it – beginners in particular may want to take a very small amount of HHC to avoid getting ‘more high’ than they anticipated.  But, taking too little can mean that you never really feel any effects at all.  There’s such a thing as a threshold dosage, which is the number of milligrams required to actually create a psychoactive effect.

    What to Do: The next time you take HHC, take the recommended amount on the packaging.  This can mean a full gummy, or a couple of puffs off of a vape or flower product.  You can increase your dose gradually until you get the desired results.

    Reason #2: Your Product Has Expired

    HHC products do expire, and that’s the case with any organic substance.  When HHC does expire, it becomes ineffective since the chemical compound has broken down.  An HHC product can be effective for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the product type, but, can also expire much sooner if it’s not stored properly.  If HHC is exposed to bright light, high humidity, high temperatures or open air, it can lose its effectiveness quickly.

    What to Do: Always buy your HHC from a trusted manufacturer that has a high product turnover rate due to the popularity of their products.  This way, you know that their HHC is always fresh.  And, once you do have a product in your possession, keep it sealed airtight, in a dark, dry and cool area of the home to prolong its freshness.

    Reason #3: Your Product Was Manufactured Poorly

    If an HHC product is made using poor manufacturing methods, then it could very well be lacking in effectiveness.  Products made using cheap extraction processes, aging hemp material and decarboxylation methods that heat the compounds excessively can all lead to a lack of potency, because they can destabilize the HHC which means it never fully absorbs into the body’s endocannabinoid system.

    What to Do: Make an effort to only purchase your HHC products from trusted online companies that have lots of positive reviews, offer transparency about how their products are made, and provide third-party lab reports on their website that confirm that their HHC is tested for purity, potency and overall quality. 

    Reason #4: Your Body isn’t Using it Properly

    Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with the HHC product or how much we’ve consumed.  Our bodies are complicated, and sometimes HHC just isn’t going to be used by the endocannabinoid system properly.  Maybe you’ve noticed that the same amount of alcohol can affect you very differently depending on the day, for reasons that you don’t even quite understand.  Well, the same goes for cannabinoids, which can absorb differently depending on things like what you’ve eaten that day, your hydration levels, your hormones, your immune system and more.

    What to Do: Just try again the next day.  Whatever physiological factors were preventing HHC from being effective could very well be different the next time.  Also, think about whether or not any of these things are within your control.  For instance, eating an HHC gummy when you have a full stomach can negatively affect its absorption, so try again on an empty stomach and see what happens.

    Reason #5: You Aren’t Giving It Enough Time

    It could also be that you’re just not allowing enough time for your dosage to absorb fully.  It can take all the way up to 30 minutes to feel the effects of an inhalable product like a vape or flower for some people.  And, it can take 1-2 hours, or even more, for an edible to start taking effect.  If you’re eating an edible on a full stomach, for example, it may be more like 3 hours before the HHC starts to finally kick in.  With any product type, you’re going to be waiting to some extent or another.

    What to Do: Wait for the appropriate amount of time, according to the delivery method, in case the HHC is just taking a long time to absorb into the bloodstream.  If after a long period of time you still don’t feel any effects, then consider taking a slightly higher dose the next time you do decide to go back for more HHC. 

    Reason #6: You Took Too Much CBD

    Mixing CBD with other cannabinoids can be great if you want a less edgy high, or simply want to bring out the more soothing effects of something like HHC.  But, taking too much CBD with HHC can subdue the high of HHC so much that you barely feel it at all.  It’s tough to get that balance just right, and it’s easy to blame the HHC for not working when actually, CBD isn’t giving it a chance to be effective.

    What to Do: If you’re up for it, try taking HHC without any CBD in your system.  Or, if you maintain a daily routine with CBD separately from your HHC hobby, try taking them at least 8 hours apart from one another, so that the two cannabinoids never interact with one another.

    Reason #7: Your Tolerance to HHC is Naturally High

    You may be surprised to learn that some people are born with a high tolerance to cannabinoids, because every person’s endocannabinoid system is unique when it comes to its sensitivity level.  It’s possible that even as a beginner, your body just needs a higher strength of HHC to get noticeable effects.

    What to Do: Try increasing your dosage by about 5 milligrams incrementally, until you finally start feeling the HHC effects that you’ve been hearing people rave about.  Don’t worry about how much HHC you’re putting into your body – humans can tolerate a good amount of the cannabinoid just fine.

    Reason #8: It’s Interacting with a Medication

    First off, you should always talk to a doctor before taking HHC with a medication, since cannabinoids may suppress CYP3A4, an enzyme that breaks down a lot of common medications.  Without this enzyme, certain medications may accumulate in the bloodstream.  Some medications can also subdue the effects of HHC by changing the function of the nervous system, and, affecting CB1 receptors that use HHC to create a psychoactive response.

    What to Do: If your doctor is okay with you taking HHC along with a medication, try spacing about 8 hours between the medication and the HHC.  This minimizes the risk of the two interacting with one another.

    Key Takeaway From All of This

    There really is no doubt that hexahydrocannabinol can be profoundly enjoyable thanks to its dazzling psychoactive properties.  But, once in a while, you may not get the results from the cannabinoid that you were hoping for.  Fortunately, by purchasing fresh, high-quality, and potent HHC, you can largely avoid feeling disappointed by a lack of effectiveness, so make a point to look for only lab-tested HHC-infused products from trusted companies like Gas.