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    HHC Cart | Blue Zkittlez
    HHC Cart | Blue Zkittlez
    HHC Cart | Blue Zkittlez
    HHC Cart | Blue Zkittlez
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    HHC Cart | Blue Zkittlez


    Gas HHC Cart in Blue Zkittlez is gonna captivate you with a masterful, rainbow-like blend of pure hexahydrocannabinol distillate and the terpene profile lifted from the iconic Blue Zkittlez strain. This user-friendly, 510-threaded vape cart is ready to go with your favorite trusty rechargeable vape pen device, promising the psychoactive high you’ve been waiting for.

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    1,000+ Five Star Reviews

    100% Laboratory Tested

    Made in America

    GMP Certification

    Fast Tracked Delivery

    HHC: The New Must-Try Cannabinoid

    HHC is a fairly new cannabinoid to enter the market, but customers have wasted no time incorporating it into their routines thanks to its dazzling effects. This hydrogenated form of THC occurs naturally in hemp, and even offers a ‘high’ extremely similar to that of delta-9 THC.

    Blue Zkittlez

    Blue Zkittlez is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet n’ sour flavor that douses your palate in fruity goodness. In terms of its effects, you’re in for a slow-building, tingly high that comes complete with feelings of euphoria and a nice, easy-going body effect that makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

    Lab-Tested and Additive-Free

    Gas Cartridges are lab-tested by a licensed third-party to ensure that they meet the ideal levels of purity, potency, and federal compliance. Our carts contain only unrefined hemp compounds, with zero added ingredients of any kind for an ultra-clean vape.

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