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    Forbidden Fruit | Delta-8 THC Flower 3.5g
    Forbidden Fruit | Delta-8 THC Flower 3.5g

    Forbidden Fruit | Delta-8 THC Flower 3.5g


    Gas Forbidden Fruit Delta-8 THC Flower promises a satisfying and soothing high thanks to the combination of delta-8 THC distillate and the strain itself, all while giving you a pure form of the hemp plant that brings you back to nature. These buds come in an airtight jar, with 3.5 grams total of hand-trimmed, organic flower to give you the ultimate hemp experience with each puff.

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        1,000+ Five Star Reviews

        100% Laboratory Tested

        Made in America

        GMP Certification

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        You’re Welcome Here to Unlock Delta-8 THC’s Effects

        Delta-8 THC offers a nice, soothing high that can make you feel mellow throughout the body and the mind, and by adding it to our flower, you can enjoy a balanced experience thanks to all of the compounds in hemp working together synergistically.

        Forbidden Fruit

        Forbidden Fruit is a 70% indica/30% sativa strain with a rich fruity taste of plump berries, zesty lemons and pine. The strain is highly euphoric, lifting the mood while bringing you into a state of deep couchlock where your muscles can release their tension.

        Never Any Additives and Always Lab-Tested

        Gas Flower contains any additives of any kind, so that each puff give you nothing but the compounds of hemp that you already know and love. We have our flower lab-tested by a third-party facility, to ensure the proper purity, potency and federal compliance levels.

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