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    HHC Cart | Strawberry Shortcake
    HHC Cart | Strawberry Shortcake
    HHC Cart | Strawberry Shortcake
    HHC Cart | Strawberry Shortcake

    HHC Cart | Strawberry Shortcake


    Ready to bring some HHC into your vaping routine? Gas HHC Cart in Strawberry Shortcake hits the spot with a generously psychoactive cannabinoid paired with the terpenes from one of the most beloved strains of all time. This 510-threaded cartridge attaches to any low-wattage vape pen and offers an on-demand hemp experience like never before.

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    1,000+ Five Star Reviews

    100% Laboratory Tested

    Made in America

    GMP Certification

    Fast Tracked Delivery

    HHC: A New Psychoactive Hemp Derivative

    Hexahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid that’s pretty new to the market, but it’s already one that our customers are raving about. HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC that naturally exists in hemp and offers a high on par with that of delta-9 THC.

    Strawberry Shortcake

    If you’re all about uplifting hybrids, look no further than Strawberry Shortcake, a 75% sativa-dominant strain that has a flavor that matches the name for intense satisfaction. Its effects can make you feel elevated, sociable and alert, while bathing you in euphoria, making it the ultimate daytime strain.

    Clean, Pure, and Lab-Tested

    Gas Cartridges contain only 100% pure hemp compounds, with zero additives or cutting agents getting in the way. Our vape oils are fully lab-tested by a third party to ensure maximum quality, purity and federal compliance.

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