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    HHC Disposable | Green Crack
    HHC Disposable | Green Crack
    HHC Disposable | Green Crack
    HHC Disposable | Green Crack
    HHC Disposable | Green Crack
    HHC Disposable | Green Crack

    HHC Disposable | Green Crack


    Wanna get ‘hooked’ on a new cannabinoid that can supply some incredible bliss and euphoria in your daily hemp life? Gas HHC Disposable in Green Crack is an user-friendly disposable vape pen gives you a powerful serving of psychoactive bliss alongside a distinctively uplifting strain, while containing zero additives to get in between you and your hemp.

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    1,000+ Five Star Reviews

    100% Laboratory Tested

    Made in America

    GMP Certification

    Fast Tracked Delivery

    HHC: A More Potent Psychoactive Cannabinoid

    HHC effects are described as similar to Delta 9 with more mental euphoria, almost described as a more social version of Delta 9 THC with less paranoia. Users often feel happy and motivated. Our HHC disposable is the purest Hexahydrocannabinol rechargeable vape in the market. Each 1mL disposable contains approximately: 1 mL total oil 95% HHC distillate 5% terpenes Absolutely no VG, MCT, vitamin E, or any other cutting agent. 

    Green Crack

    Green Crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid that lives up to its name by offering a major boost in focus, alertness and creativity, making it the ultimate daytime strain for when you want to get things done. Its lush mango and citrus flavor profile makes it a particularly tasty option as well.

    Disposable, Convenient, and Easy to Use

    Gas Disposables are designed to make your life easier since they’re draw-activated, all-in-one systems requiring NO maintenance and NO recharging (unless you want to since there is a port for it to be recharged). Not to mention, disposable vape pens are ready for on-the-spot vaping. These devices also house a pre-filled cartridge with its internal coil that heats the vape oil, turning it into vapor. When the e-liquid is finished, just replace the unit with a new one.

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